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Where can i find a decent meatball sub in SD?

I can't seem to find the real deal around here. Good bread, nice sauce, and quality cheese and meatballs. Anyone know of any san diego hot spots?

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  1. The meatball sub at Regents Pizza in the UTC area always satisfied my craving.

    1. I usually make do with the meatball sub at Filippi's Pizza Grotto. Closest thing to back east that I've found in San Diego. It's a fun place to visit and the pizza is good too.

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        Besides my house...for sure Filippi's. We generally get them to go and they are delish and a great deal.

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          I don't know why Filippi's isn't more popular on Chowhound, but I always have fun there. Our east coast visitors are sometimes wary of the whole fish taco thing in San Diego and I bring them there to calm them down.

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            I've only been to Filippi's once and I found it to be quite mediocre. I don't understand all the hype surrounding it and why people will wait for 2 hours to eat there on a Fri/Sat night. I'm guessing most people like it because the portion size is huge and the prices are very reasonable. However, the quality of the food left much to be desired. The pasta sauce was watery and the clams were canned. The pizza was very "doughy" and didn't have a lot of flavor. I haven't tried the meatball sandwich though.

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              I haven't been in quite some time, but the last time I went (in PB) I had their lasagna and it was terrible. Big, heavy and tasteless.

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                We seem to have gotten off topic: OP was asking about meatball subs. No one was asking about Filipi's in general or how their lasagna etc...was. Myself and others are not claiming that it is mind blowing or the best for Italian food in general but that their meatball sub is something that is particularly good and is recommended.

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          We go to the Filippi's in Poway and I've never run into a crowd, which is good because I don't love it enough to wait for a table. However, whenever someone mentions it, the first thing I think is "Boy, I love their meatball sandwiches!" Soft, crusty bread, tender meatballs, good sauce and warm gooey cheese... yum!

          I've had their pizza with extra cheese, which somehow makes it taste better to me. Their eggplant parm isn't bad, either. Not a fan of their spaghetti, though.

        3. Lefty's in North Park.

          1. BMH Italian deli on El Cajon is a hole-in-the-wall with great meatball sandwiches, and the closest thing I have found in SD to real hoagies (as an ex-Philadelphian I take my hoagies seriously). Great bread!

            1. We like to got DiMilles, We go there often and they even deliver. I sometimes get the eggplant sandwich as well. They will ask what kind of sauce do you want, get the traditional meat sauce, the vegi alternative is filled with vegi's and not just a plain red sauce They have coupons on the website.

              3492 Adams Avenue
              San Diego, CA 92116

              1. Are all the Filippi's locations pretty much the same? How's the quality at the one on Kearny Villa Rd and Clairemont Mesa Blvd?

                1. Try Pete's Meats in Little Italy. The Meatball is good, the rolled veal sandwich even better.

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                    They have great stuff at PEtes, I am not sure how they stay in business, it is so small.

                  2. now i've always heard about filippis, but never went for it cause it seemed like a place that's there for tourists and nostalgia, not for good food. i've seen how the pasta is smothered with plain "Prego" type sauce. has anyone been to giorgino's deli? the place that used to be gotham pizza and is still owned by the same guy in golden hill? http://www.giorginosdeli.com/1.html the website seems legit and the guy is making it like an old style deli. anybody had their sandwiches?

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                      I've always liked their cheesesteaks. The guy is from South Jersey and takes his sandwiches seriously. It's definitely worth a try. The only suggestion I'd have is to start with the standard classic cheesesteak before trying some of the more exotic variations that he has.

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                        I dig Filippi's meatball sandwiches so much it's a regular stop on our rotation.

                        Don't like their pizza that much. I do like their marinara sauce though, tangy, thick.

                        And they have a good Italian salad that makes a nice starter.

                        And don't forget about the carafe of passable chianti for like $8.

                      2. A Brooklyn Pizzeria on Mission Gorge Road, pretty authentic NY pizza and subs, I had the meatball last week.


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                          I second the Brooklyn Pizzeria for meatball subs. They can also make a pretty good calzone that's so big you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

                        2. Its been on the tip of my tounge for weeks. Give Poma in OBa try. I had a takeout MBS and it met your criteria.


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                            I can totally give my thumbs up to Poma in OB... very good meatballs on an excellent roll. Not exactly revolutionary, but consistently delicious.

                            Poma Italian Delicatessen
                            1846 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107

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                              I live down the road from Poma's and it's good. I'm from Philly and know my italian sandwiches. Also if you're in OB try Hungry Lu's. Meatball sandwich is great as is the sausage/eggplant parm. Grab some pinolli almond cookies before you go.

                            2. If you're ever tooling down El Camino Real in La Costa, go to Allen's New York Pizza. It's just opposite the new library, and the meatball subs are DIVINE! I love the bread--not too crispy/crunchy so you can bite through it without all of the meatlballs and cheese squoging out, but it still stands up to the sauce. YUMMY sauce, and cheese, and meat. They also have great gourmet pizzas.

                              1. Also try Mimmo's Italian Village next to Filippi's Grotto in Little Italy. Another great location if you're ever in the area would be Uncle Vito's Famous Italian Subs in Del Mar. It's off of Carmel Valley exit.

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                                  Mimmo's has grabngo locations as well.
                                  Went to the one on Convoy Ct and had a turkey sub that was stellar

                                2. Frankie's on Mira Mesa Blvd at Black Mountain used to have great meatball subs, but I haven't been there for a very long time. Small shop, deli atmosphere.

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                                    Unfortunately Frankie's closed two years ago. Yes, he did have the best meatball sub in San Diego County - wonderful meatballs with peppers and onions and melted cheese on a soft crusty roll - my husband and I had to have a fix at least every other week. We were so sad when they closed!

                                    1. Poma's Italian Deli in beautiful Ocean Beach has delicious sandwiches. They use Solunto's bread. Grab a sammy to go and eat it at Sunset Cliffs. Heaven!! Personally, my fav is the eggplant parm, although all their options are delicious. Enjoy!

                                      1846 Bacon St
                                      Ocean Beach, CA, 92107

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                                        Okay, just saw that Poma's was mentioned in several previous posts. Sorry for not checking first. :)