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Places to eat near the Sunset Strip not too trendy

A buddy of mine is getting married on Sunday and I need some suggestions where 8 guys can go for dinner on or near the Strip. We have a suite at the Standard so something close by would be great. Not looking for the 20 something hollywood poser crowd but something more ethnic i.e. Argentinian, Japanese, Thai, Italian etc........ Any suggestions welcome.....
Cheers -

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  1. There is an excellent Argentinean restaurant, Gardels on Melrose just a block and a bit more west of Fairfax. They have been there for 25 years or so. Take a look at their website below. Hope you will post about wherever you end up going.


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      2nd rec cor Gardel's. Very old world. Great value and excelllent meat!

    2. Vivoli on the corner of Sunset & Laurel has fabulous Italian food. It's definitely walking distance from the Standard and very chill/not trendy. You probably need to make a reservation b/c it's a tiny place.

      1. How about Yatai on Sunset?

        1. What about the Brazilian place, Fogo de Chao (sp)?

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            Trendy and expensive!

            Hard to avoid that, in that area.

            There's some great Armenian around there.

            I would head to Caffe Angeli, or if you can get to Little Ethiopia on Fairfax, head to Rahel or Messob

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              Not that place-overpriced and the quality is soooooooo sub par!!

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                It is expensive, but the quality has been great all the times I've been. What are you comparing it to?

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                  Quality was top notch - as was the final bill.

            2. I always liked Mirabelle (not sure how far from the Standard it is, though). Really great oysters on the half shell (Hama Hama was my fave) and their ahi tuna tartare is to die for! Also, 7 plates for $7 from 4-7, 7 days a week! See link:

              1. What about Yamashiro??? Anyone been there?

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                  The view is unbeatable - I would only recommend that people go here for drinks to check out the view. You know it's not really near the strip right? It's probably a 5-10 minute drive - and about double that if you're going around rush hour.

                  I had dinner there once, and it is not worth the high price. My friend had sushi which he liked enough and I had duck that tasted a little oddly seasoned/sauced, I didn't like it very much. Dessert was a nice little sampler of tiny things - mochi, and I can't remember what else.

                  If you're willing to go to that area (Hollywood), then I'd recommend 25 Degrees at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - GREAT burgers, kinda upscale/trendy, but not bad. Good type of place for 8 guys.

                  Or there's El Compadre on Sunset, closer to the strip (between Fairfax and La Brea). Great Mexican food, cool Mexican ambience, often there is live mariachi music. There is also often a long wait though. But they've got great margaritas at the bar.

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                    good to know - thanks. Figure we will be walking (gasp!) or cabbing it. I like the sound of 25 degrees and El Compadre but I assume they don't take res's?

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                      Hmm, I doubt they take reservations, but it's worth a call.

                      I went to 25 Degrees once at about 8pm on a Friday and seemed to beat the rush then - it started filling up right after we got there. Not sure if it's usually like that though. And my apologies - now that I think about it, I'm not sure they can seat 8 people - they might have a large corner booths, but I'm not positive...

                      A coworker of mine had a reservation at El Compadre for 12 and it didn't seem to help him much, as they still waited for an hour. I used to live right near there and went very often, but usually on the slightly early side, like 7pm to beat the rush. It is pretty packed by 9pm. They can definitely seat 8.

                      One other place to consider is the Rainbow Bar & Grill, right on the strip. It's not ethnic, but it's fun and has great pizza and pasta.

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                        25 degrees is good-go for drinks afterwards in the lobby area-very cool and check out the pool very quintessential l.a.

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                        I can't tell if you're asking for dinner Saturday or Sunday night, but if it's Saturday, stay far, far away from El Comparde since it's Cinco de Mayo. I was at El Compadre last Cinco de Mayo (my bad, I know) and it was nightmarish.

                        I second the reccomendation for 25 degrees.

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                          sorry for not being clear but i am looking for a place on saturday night - good heads up on El Compadre - I am leaning toward 25 degrees or possibly Gardles on Melrose - it looks pretty good.

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                            I would definetely recommend Carlitos Gardel on Melrose. I just went there for a birthday celebration and the food was amazing. From the appetizers (we had calamari and stuffed mushrooms), to the steaks (I got the RibEye with chimichurri but all enjoyed their various steaks) to the fries to the wine to the desserts to the service...mmmmm...It's not RIGHT at the Sunset Strip but you can cab it for sure.

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                            Good point about El Compadre!

                            I also recommend Bossa Nova on Sunset, just west of La Brea (in case you're not in the mood for burgers). They've got a huge menu, lots of Cuban-inspired stuff - grilled meats with rice, beans, plantains - but I go there for their pizza and sandwiches. It's on the casual side, but it's fun and can take 8. Unfortunately I don't think they take reservations either and often have a wait during the busy dinner time. It's really really yummy though.

                            If you do go to 25 Degrees, they've got a great old-school bar in the hotel right near where 25 Degrees is. It's a great place to chill and have a couple drinks if you do need to wait to be seated at 25 Degrees.

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                            If you're talking about El Compadre, I would agree that the food would be the other huge drawback of going there.

                        2. Okay so we are booked at Carlitos Gardel for Saturday - thanks everyone for your suggestions - will let you know what I think.