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May 1, 2007 10:37 AM

Thai Me Up = bleh

I went to Thai Me Up, a hole in the wall that (I think) I found through a write-up linked to on Eater recently. The write-up suggested it was a new wave Banh Mi-type place. It isn't.

Basically it's mediocre stir fry, heavy on vegetables, light on shreds of meat, served up on a cold, bland loaf of bread with orange mayo spread and cherry tomatoes for $5.50. I don't know who came up with this combo, but it ain't a winner. I took two bites and threw it out, not wanting to stuff down that much bread not offset by anything tasting special.

Won't return.

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  1. Agreed. If it makes it six months I'd be shocked. The owner was a very nice (if not somewhat clueless) young guy, but that's about all Thai Me Up has going for it.

    The similarities to Bahn Mi end with the fact that you can order your meal on bread. I went for the Noodle Bowl (same ingredients) instead, and it was completely tasteless and very chintzy on the meat.

    1. Had i read your post earlier i would have never gone there. I too threw my dinner out and walked over to OKO for Yogurt. That place is nasty. The pad thai noodles were inediable and the dumplings were doughy. wow. ick

      1. ITA: went there once -- lousy and not even all that cheap given the portion! Not an appealing place.