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May 1, 2007 10:34 AM

Burbank Sunday

I'll be at a play on Riverside drive in Burbank, by Pass Ave. with friends Sunday evening and I'm looking for some place nearby that's reasonable and fairly quick. We'll eat just about anything but don't know the neighborhood very well.

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  1. Well, the obvious choice is the Smoke House on Lakeside at Pass. The Sunday brunch will be over, of course, but it's a leather banquette-type place. Gets mixed reviews for food, but it's at least OK.

    The Smoke House
    4420 Lakeside Dr., Toluca Lake

    Otherwise, I'd try Mo's on Riverside in Toluca Lake. Like the old Hamptons, it's various styles of hamburgers, salads, and other stuff. Less formal (and less expensive) than Smoke House, but by no means a coffee shop.

    More here:

    They're just talling about breakfast, and I obviously disagree with the first reviewer. And it's across the side street from Big Boy; not across Riverside. But at least it gives you the address and phone!

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      I would not go to The Smoke House. It was horrible when I went. I'd rather go to Big Boy, they have good hamburgers and they are quick.

      1. re: LisaN

        I like the Smoke House, but would probably recommend Bob's Big Boy for either their burger or the chili spaghetti (my fave since I was little!). Yum!

    2. There's Bistro Provence on Pass, but the last time i was there I seemed to get a lot of "attitude" from the host, which is a bit offputting considering they're in a stripmall in Burbank!

      Personally, I'd just hop over to Bob's Big Boy and relive the glory days of diners & greasy spoons.

      Oh there's also Arnie Morton's (a bit pricey, but it's steak) and McCormick & Schmick (chain seafood enough said), both up the street on Olive.

      1. You can also go down through to Toluca Lake since you're on Pass Ave., but you might also want to check out Riverside Cafe. They have good food, reasonable prices, and make a wonderful French Onion Soup.
        Riverside Cafe
        1221 W Riverside Dr
        Burbank, CA 91506
        (818) 563-3567

        1. Same dilemma one Sunday night going to a play and driving around found "Frontier Wok Too".

          Not your run of the mill Chinese restaurant. Doesn't look like a Chinese restaurant inside...wooden tables and chairs. Americanized Chinese in a good way: no heavily corn starched sauces, no MSG, depending on your appetites most dishes are offered in half or full size order (more variety to taste), hot & sour soup or egg flower soup included and actually think they have "healthy" cooking in mind.

          One of our favorites is the orange chicken, which isn't heavily breaded and heavily sauced like most places...actually I don't think there's any breading on it.

          Very quick and reasonably priced and no attitude. They do a lot of take out for the entertainment industry, so I imagine it has to be good.

          I've only been to
          "Frontier Wok Too" on Olive Avenue.

          Check out their website:

          1. Try Sebastian's on Riverside Drive it's Burbank/Toluca Lake border. Wonderful patio area and cool lounge inside. You will usually see Sebastian, the chef/owner behind the kitchen and if he is there you're in for a treat...have one of his pizzas, it's good!

            Another place is Gindi Thai (Thai/Japanese fusion). It's a nice place with great service and although it's not the usual Thai place (in a good way), but it's still good and you have a lot of options on the menu. Portions are generous. This place is also on Riverside Drive.