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May 1, 2007 10:09 AM

Cheap Financial District dinner for tonight?

Sorry, I'd do a search but the search feature still sucks...

I'm going to be in the Financial District tonight (Moscone Center, actually) and wanted to know if there's a good cheap place to eat dinner around 8-9pm...I know the place is usually like a ghost town at that time but I was hoping I wouldn't have to travel far to get some food! We are open to all cuisines, hoping to stay under $20/pp. Thanks!

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    1. There was a recent thread on dining in the Moscone/SFMOMA area, with some good links to prior threads. I don't really think Moscone is technically in the Financial District because it is south of Market Street.

      1. Pazzia, Cha Am, and Chaat Cafe are all a block away and cheap.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I second Pazzia; probably too chilly to eat out on the sidewalk tonite.

        2. Cha Am is good if you like Thai - right across from the back side of Moscone. Lulu is also close by, but it does not qualify as "cheap", so it depends on how strongly you feel about the cost issue. Personally, I'm over Lulu so I'd pick Cha Am anyway!

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          1. re: dinnerout

            You wouldn't get much at Lulu for under $20, it's one of the more expensive restaurants in that neighborhood.