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Seven layer cake

Does anyone know where I can get classic seven layer cake in the New York area (preferably Brooklyn or NYC)? I think the cake I remember had buttercream between the layers and was not parve. Would I find this in a dairy jewish/kosher bakery? Harbor Bakery on 116th Street in Rockaway used to have this cake but they closed some years back. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. hi i'm not sure if this will help. marretta's bakery in bayside, queens has seven layer cake. it's a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream inside i think. i'm not sure if they make other types. here is their phone number 718 - 225 - 1265. good luck.

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      I haven't been there in quite a while, but Stork's bakery (German) in Whitestone made an excellent classic 7 layer.

    2. Bruces bakery in great neck makes classic 7 layer. it is really good too, thier bakery is always highly rated. thier food is also great for a sit down, they give the biggest basket of asst rolls and basket of assorted baked goods when u sit down. 7 layer is on that often .

      it is not kosher but is a jewish deli

      1. When I grew up in the Bronx, Zaro's was a small bakery (2 branches on Kingsbridge Road), and they definitely had what you are describing--it was a staple in our house. I haven't looked for it at the current mega-Zaro's, but they might have it.

        1. michael's bakery on ave R & nostrand ave. in brooklyn does a seven layer cake.

          1. Seven layer cake is one of my cravings too and the version at Lord's Bakery, Nostrand Ave. right near Brooklyn College, is totally classic. The ruggelach are too.

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              Best version I ever had was at the Homestead Deli on Austin Street in Forest Hills, which is now gone, however the one in Kew Gardens still exists on Lefferts..I would give them a call and see if they still have the one that the Austin street used to have..it was the best, with chocolate ganache on the outside, and creamy chocolate cream layers of frosting, in between yellow cake...soft and delicious...........

            2. i am obsessed with a seve layer cake from my childhood bronx bakery called helen's on mydid ave. which is gone. i just found a really good one at a tiny little bakery on 1st ave at 79th street. little north of 79th on east side of the street. check it out

              1. Andre's Hungarian Bakery on Queens Boulevard in Rego Park sells it. I haven't tasted it, but saw it there a few weeks ago. Looks like they sell it by the slice, about 1-1 1/2" thick. If it's 1/2 as good as their strudel and ruggelah, you are in for a treat.

                1. I really like the 7 layer cake from Moishe's Kosher Bake Shop on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. They've been there forever.

                  I also really like their jelly rolls.


                  1. Rudy's on the corner of Seneca and Myrtle Avenue's in Ridgewood. Soft, moist layers. Yet not too moist.

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                      Anywhere closer to Cobble Hill area that makes it? I used to have this every single week when I was a kid and would get it from a bakery near where my grandmother lived, haven't had this in years.

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                        For Queens 7 layer cake: I had forgotten how incredible the seven layer cake with ganach topping and yellow and choc cream layers was at The Homestead Gourmet Shop on Austin St in Forest HIlls...which closed several years ago...however, it's relative branch on Lefferts in Kew Gardens has the same cake by the same baker.........go there if you're looking for incredible moist 7 layer cake..I never had better than Homesteads...they are closed on Mondays but otherwise I called them and they have it everyday, but they said they didn't have it today, tuesday because the baker didn't bring it, but otherwise they do have it........this is a definite must for those in the Forest Hills/Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill North area......

                        Homestead Gourmet
                        8145 Lefferts Blvd
                        Kew Gardens, NY 11415
                        (718) 849-1366