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May 1, 2007 09:48 AM

Diner breakfast between American Canyon and Sonoma?

My lovely fiancee and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary this weekend. We are starting with a late reservation at Bouchon, and then will be retiring to American Canyon Fairfield Inn (we couldn't justify the prices of the places in Yountville).

Anyway, my fiancee loves good diner breakfast, and we are planning on exploring the Sonoma Square area on our way back to San Francisco, so I was wondering if there were good recommendations for breakfast (brunch is ok too, but I think I read most of the recent posts on that arena). He is the type that gets the 2 fried eggs, hash brown, choice of meat combo. HUGE emphasis on GREAT potatoes, crisp outside, warm and smooshy inside. (Any format is acceptable, home fries, hash browns, etc.)

SO: Anyone have any thoughts? The alternative would be to find a great bakery to grab a pastry and a cup of coffee before exploring, either is cool with us.

I have some taqueria suggestions from earlier threads in case we get desperate and they are:
Juanita Juanita
Taqueria los Primos
Taqueria la Hacienda

Thanks for making this a special weekend.


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  1. It may be a little out of the way, but worth the detour to go into downtown Napa. It's been a while since I've lived there but I used to love ABC Bakery's breakfasts... excellent baked goods AND diner-type breakfasts. Other bakery option... Sweetie Pie's (also in downtown Napa).


    1. Not too far from Sonoma is Glen Ellen, where you'll find the Garden Court Cafe, a wonderful breakfast spot. Here's their website with menu:

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        It would be a 45-minute to an hour's drive to get there from American Canyon. Good rec, but wanted to mention this in case that's too long to wait for breakfast.

        Here's Mick's post today, buried in another thread,

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I figured that since they were going to be in the Sonoma area for a while (and since the OP mentioned brunch, that the nice drive to Glen Ellen wouldn't be so bad considering that they will end up at a fabulous breakfast spot.

          1. re: Nancy Berry

            Garden Court's baked goods are very good too, better than ABC or Sweetie Pie's to my taste.

      2. Sounds like Canyon Cafe in American Canyon would be right up your beloved's alley for an old-school diner breakfast.

        It's much better than Hwy 29 Cafe a little further north, also in American Canyon. If you can stand to drive little more, Soscal Cafe on the south end of the town of Napa is my pick of the three for diner food for the heartiest of fare for the working man.

        I also like ABC if you want to pay more and have some good pastries too.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Unfortunately nothing too exciting. We got out of the hotel later than we wanted so we went straight to the Square and just grabbed a bear claw from the Sunflower (??) Cafe. It wasn't too good, but then again, I am not a big pastry person. See, we decided we wanted a bigger lunch so we saved our calories/tummies for then.

            We ended up at The Fig Cafe and split the Fig Salad and the warm steak sandwich. Both were very yummy.


            1. re: Jeni Bean

              Well, I didn't realize that The Fig Cafe was open at lunch time. Checking the website, it serves brunch on weekends. Good to know!