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May 1, 2007 09:46 AM

Drink near Prune?

I'm taking the boyfriend to Prune for his b-day, but i'd like to get a drink beforehand. Any suggestions around that area (it's on E. 1st st. btwn 1st ave and 2nd ave)?

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  1. I like Oliva on the southwest corner of Houston and 1st Avenue. A cozy Spanish tapas place for wine and good sangria. Right across the street from Prune.

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    1. re: solarlane

      I can't remember the name of it, but there's a new-looking lounge-y place (wine bar?) only a couple of doors away. I was just carousing on that block about 10 days ago, but I didn't go in there for a drink. Definitely a little more upscale than an institution like d.b.a.

      1. re: egit

        Boucarou looks very swanky but was empty save for 3 people when I walked past on Sunday night around 9pm.

    2. depends on what you feel like drinking:

      wine? definitely go to the Tasting Room wine bar. on the same block as Prune, but closer to 1st ave. where the full restaurant used to be before it moved to Elizabeth. great wine, espresso, etc.

      another very close option is Lil' Frankie's Big Cheech. first ave between 1st and 2nd.

      beer? scotch? in a super casual setting, go to dba. first between 2nd and 3rd. they have a great garden in the back too.

      loungey? there's a new place called boucarou that's between prune and the tasting room. haven't been but looks sorta "swank" if that's your scene. wild card is that it has a big retractable roof, which might make it surprisingly great.

      1. Get some celebratory champagne or great wine at the bar at Lucien...1st and 1st.