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May 1, 2007 09:46 AM

Nita's European Bakery --Sunnyside-Queens

Anybody know if they make good cakes, and if they are Romanian--is everything loaded with Rum--which alot of Romanian bakeries are known for? I need a cake for my 2 year old's birthday get together on Sunday..and will be in the neighborhood --and thought I'd try it..thanks!

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  1. Yes Janie, they're Romanian and they make most of the traditional Romanian pastries. As far as cakes, they make White lace (white chocolate and whipped cream, really good), Joffre, Mascota, Amandina, Dobos and about 2-3 kinds more.
    You might want to call in advance for availability of the kind you want - 718.784.4047

    a couple of pictures of pastries here, for you to judge their authenticity - sorry about the links but it's a pain to post them directly here

    1. I'm sorry, but I tried their Dobos cake and I thought it was yucky... cheap ingredients.
      Why don't you try La Dolce Vita? (47-53 43rd Street) I finally got there to test their stuff and I was impressed. i'm sure they could do a whole cake for you.

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      1. re: Ida Red

        I've seen Dolce Vita from the car driving to De Mole, and thought it's a cafe place for dessert...haven't gone inside, and had no idea they do baking on the premises...this would be great, if they've got some nice cakes, as our little party is at De Mole, and we want to have something beside the fabulous flan at De Mole........thanks..will call them...

        1. re: Ida Red

          Looked them up on the internet, found an article from Queens Chronicle, but I tried the phone number 718-937-3787, and it's going to a generic answering you happen to have another phone#? Thanks for the help!

          1. re: janie

            there was also a post about this place on (i think you might be able to find contact info there, janie). they totally praised the place for its pastry selection and such.

            but, i've always been very apprehensive about going in as a female. the times i've walked by, the place is intimidatingly, overwhelmingly masculine (re: no women in sight). they had soccer games blaring from its tvs, and men cheering/jeering very loudly. there's also middle-aged men standing outside, speaking very loudly, chain-smoking, and staring as women as they walk by....?

            1. re: janie

              Yes, that's the number I have for them.
              I have to say I'm not in love with the interior, although it is very new and clean, and yes, the loud-mouthed (I think) Roumainian men can overwhelm the place, although they are certainly harmless and kind-hearted. But I think the pastries there are top notch. It's also a nice location across from the park with pleasant sunny sidewalk seating.

              1. re: Ida Red

                I always order my birtday cakes there and I've also recommended it to all of my friends - all impressed with how fresh and well made they are.The place looks more like a young hang-out - red couches, dim light and lots of candles, I always drive by there on my way home from work in the evening and they have groups of people having drinks and desserts.It looks very much like one of those hip places in Astoria.

                1. re: donna0902

                  i live near these 2 places and i will instead always drive out to cannelle to get pastries, cakes, etc. doesn't hold a candle to cannelle!

          2. i know its a little far from sunnyside, but Martha's on Ditmars and 38th street makes amazing cakes!!! I never order from anyone but them. And they make the real authentic red velvet, that isn't just spongecake with food coloring. They have a huge selection if you walk in, but im sure its always best to call ahead of time. 718-545-9737

            .... but its not Romanian. I wasnt sure if you wanted just a Romanian bakery, but they are really good!

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            1. re: helen19

              Isn't that the same horrible Martha's in Forest Hills? No thanks, I'll stay away from that place. Cannelle is the place for me, I'm hooked.

              1. re: janie

                Janie, are you still hooked on Cannelle? I need a bakery urgently for today, and I want something exquisite and decadent (not in ultra buttery and psychotically sweet way). Which cakes have you tried there? Which ones would you recommend? I really can't stand that Dolce Vita Bakery on Metropolitan, their dessert is pure sugar and some cream. Although their pan (spanish bread) is very yummy.

                1. re: Inthemood

                  inthemood, I haven't been recently, trying to get back on the diet wagon! But, yes, they are still wonderful. My husband has been in the last month or so. I posted photos of the cakes I had for my son's birthday, they were exquisite looking and fantastic tasting. Here's the link below.
                  I made the chocolate covered strawberries and asstd nuts and decorated with cakes plates with them.


                  The cakes were strawberry shortcake like cake, the vanilla mousse cake, and the choc creole cake--ask them to put the sheets of choc with gold swirles on them on top like photo instead of the edible silver strips--this didn't look nice and the way I asked for looked great!

                  I pretty much tried everything there, that's why I'm on the diet now!! They make cake versions of most of the pastries and mini cakes there. The pineapple macaroon is unusual, and the apple tart is great, --I really loved the ones that I got, and if it got a 3 year old's approval, you know anyone will be pleased!

                  I got the smaller version sizes, because I wanted more variety, and I only have about 15 guests. I think having the smaller size cakes works out great.

                  Let us know what you picked, and I will live vicariously through you!

                  1. re: janie

                    Love that sense of passion I get from your words! I went ahead and ordered the creole cake for tonight, I am pretty excited and will certainly report tomorrow. I am extremely capricious when it comes to desserts, for some sugar is enough I need a fusion of flavors, delicate textures and quality ingredients. I am a tyrant where deserts are concerned, so you'll get a very harsh critique of the cake. Thanks so much for such detailed and exciting information.

                    I know what you mean about the diet. There used to be a time when I was able to eat tons of sweets, bacon and late dinners and still struggle to gain weight and get out of size 0 to at least size 1. Now it's the other way around, have to watch the curves which are forming.

                    1. re: Inthemood

                      the creole is very rich and chocalately, it's a combination of a thicker ganache chocolate with layers of a vanilla cream, and then choc mouse, a sliver goes a long way to satisy one.

                      You might want to add on the Vanilla Mouse cake which is much less sweet tasting, more almost custardy lady finger concoction, delicate and light,----

                      Good luck, hope you enjoy, look forward to hearing your opinion. When you go to pick it up, make sure you grab a choc croissant, they are divine.

                      1. re: janie

                        So are their linzertarts!!

                        1. re: janie

                          Thank you so much for your recommendations! So far my taste buds are similar to yours, which means I will be looking for many more suggestions from you. :)

                          You were absolutely right, their dessert was just breathtaking. I ordered the creole and everyone was completely wowed. The richness was ideal and it wasn't too sweet. The ganache and vanilla cream were to die for! They probably read your post because I got chocolate sheets with gold swirls.

                          I also tried their pastries: paris-brest, red velvet cupcake, pineapple macaroon, espresso flavored one and a chocolate one. Everyone was in utter heaven. I'm going to try the Vanilla Mouse next and then the Strawberry Shortcake. That is, of course, after I go on a diet to shed the damages that Creole has done.

                          1. re: Inthemood

                            i am so glad you were happy, bakery recommendations can sometimes be like doctor recommendations, very subjective.

                            I hope they will eventually make crepes there, that would be special.

                      2. re: janie

                        Which one out of the 3 did you like most? Love the way that strawberry shortcakes looks.

                        1. re: Inthemood

                          I loved all of them, and it would depend on what I felt like at that moment. I would say:
                          1. strawberry
                          2. chocol
                          3. vanilla

                          And yes, the strawberry white choc heart they put on the cake was gorgeous, my son ate it the next day all by himself!