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May 1, 2007 09:44 AM

Are you knowledgeable about moderately-priced gas ranges and refrigerators?

Hi there comrade ChowHounds! We are so happy that we found out about this website and this is our first posting.

So we are doing it! After much consideration as to whether we should stay or go, we have decided to stay where we are for a few more years and invest some of our money in a kitchen reno.

We are on a budget and are looking for the best appliances we can afford. This is not going to be our dream kitchen but we cannot spend another two or three years roughing it in our old dilapidated one. We are trying to also find a good, reliable and efficient contractor. We have a few quotes and references already.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We have been reading some of the blogs but anything new and noteworthy would be great.

We want a good gas range for no more than $4000.00. We are also looking at second hand Wolf ranges. Are there issues with buying discontinued residential ranges? Is it difficult to switch from propane to gas? We found a second hand one that claims all you need is the correct line cable. Are there servicing issues we should be aware of?

We are also looking for a refrigerator. We want a 36" wide or smaller counter depth stainless steel model and I think the side by side style is easier to view and organize items but my partner thinks the French style is better. Is this just a preference issue or are there real considerations we should take into account?

Any thoughts on Kitchen Aid? I read somewhere that a few years ago there were issues with the seal on the side by side models. If this is true, have these issues been resolved? We are looking at a few places to purchase these major appliances both privately and through Toronto appliance stores like Tasco, Caplans and Sears. So far we have only seen items online and at Sears, IKEA and the National Home Show. I have also been watching programs like Kitchen Equipped and others for ideas.

Also, we also want to find a good Energy Star model. Did anyone make it to the Green Living Show and/or learn more about this?


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  1. I also find myself in your same situation, so this topic is of interest to me as well. I started looking at commercial ranges (Garland, Viking etc.) the only caution I have is that if it's purely commercial, using it in a residential situation may lead to problems with your home insurance. The other item is that commercial ranges don't have the same insulation as residential ones so you may find they throw off a lot of heat. Because of these issues I started looking at residential ranges such as the Kitchen Aid dual fuel range with steam injection. I'd be interested in hearing from people that may own one of these or are considering purchasing one. There was a thread on this earlier but it stopped short of anyone commenting who actually owned one.

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      I just bought a gas stove, as I just got gas service in my house for a fireplace. A coupl eof points, check around! Originally going to purchase from SEARS, but heard a tv show suggesting checking local small Mom and Pop stores. The local store I bought from had th esame model for $350.00 LESS than SEARS, and no charge for delivery, and they took the old stove away for free. Another radio program (CBC Radio, th eAppliance guy) says thatmost stoves today are not designed for heavy duty cookers. If you do a lot of cooking, you need to specify CANNING burners, because th eregular burners burn out very quickly.

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        1. My impression is that there were some sweet deals to be had at the recent Home Show. If you got any retailer's cards perhaps you can follow up and ask for the belated show prices. Well, you can try...
          IMO, Sears is expensive and even with a sale price you are not ahead of going to the Tascos and Caplans and asking for their best prices. Sounds like you are still dropping some decent coin on the new kitchen. (If I were to do the same, I wouldn't move at all...)
          If you like GE Profile, this seems to be the best brand you can get from Home Depot and they often have 10% off and they don't charge for delivery, unilke Sears and the applicance stores.
          Lowes is opening their Canadian outposts in a few months and if you can wait they apparently are more high-end than the depot and you'll get better service.

          1. If you don't have gas lines to your house, it's not cheap. We wanted a gas stove but would have had to run a gas line to our house and that would have been more than the appliances.