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May 1, 2007 09:25 AM

Baby friendly restaurants near Watertown

This is probably pretty ambitious, since our kid is only a week shy of 2 months. But DH and I have brought the youngster and another couple with their 9-month old to Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham and had a somewhat positive experience, where patrons had young children running around and the restaurant accommodated our strollers. Any suggestions for similar restaurants (any cuisine), particularly around Watertown and surrounding neighborhoods?

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  1. A few ideas:
    Wild Willie's burgers
    Summer Shack at Alewife
    Za in Arlington

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    1. re: adams_jo

      Za is consistently filled with children every time I go there.

    2. Jade Garden in Arlington Heights often has tables full of young children and babies.

      Also, the Aegean in East Watertown is a roomy place that is baby-friendly.

      1. Not your average joes in watertown square (local chain, but good)
        The persian place just around the corner (?Molana) frequently has kids.
        (SHUDDER) Bugaboo Creek, on Arsenal Street is really just for kids (I think thats why they serve those huge beers, to anesthetize the parents, but my kiddos love it, except for the scary talking tree)
        Shangri-La is a much loved and very chowish destination that is low key and very kid friendly.

        This is truly the time to dine out. It gets much more difficult in 9-10 months.

        1. Casa de Pedro in Arsenal Mall will have outside seating soon i think - wild willy's is fine for hamburgers and certainly kid friendly

          1. More ideas here:

            And Waltham has lots more "ethnic" and family restaurants. Small sometimes, but kid-friendly.