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May 1, 2007 09:14 AM

Wedding Location with Great Food

Does anyone know of a wedding location for 150-180 people that would have great food? I would prefer somewhere other than loft space or a fussy hotel. Any creative ideas? I'm pretty set on Manhattan, and would need somewhere to have the ceremony and the reception, but otherwise pretty open.

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  1. Any major budgetary constraints? If not, you might want to consider Astra, which is on the 14th floor of the D&D Bldg. During the day, it's a cafe, but in the evening, it's used as an event space. Large, very attractive with stunning views and an outdoor terrace. Charlie Palmer is in charge of the food.

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      Try Abigail Kirsch - they have tons of NYC spaces that they specifically cater to.

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        Abigail Kirsch seconded. Just had my wedding at Stage 6 @ Steiner Studios and the food was top-notch.

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          i am having my reception there in august so i am thrilled to hear that! i would love to hear more details!

    2. Thanks for the suggestions! Has anyone ever been to a wedding or even at the Mandarin Oriental in the Time Warner Building?

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        Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Also, check out The St. Regis Hotel...beautiful spaces as well.

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          Please tell me more about the wedding at the Mandarin! My mother visited it yesterday and liked it, but I'm planning from DC, and would love to hear a firsthand account. I've heard good things about the St Regis as well, but I would prefer someplace a little more modern looking.

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            Honestly, I would look in to Capitale. It is, hands down, the MOST stunning space I've seen in New York. I went to a fundraiser gala there last Friday and was in awe...the in-house catering was lovely.
            The Mandarin is amazing and the ballrooms on the upper floors are great, but I think that Capitale is VERY creative and will not only awe you, but your guests, as well.

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              IMHO, I think a group this size may be dwarfed by the space at Capitale. While I agree it is stunning. It tends to suited to parties with a much bigger guestlist.

      2. You could possibly do a buy out of Eleven Madison Park. You can get married in the lobby of the Credit Suisse building (very beautiful and dramatic) and have the reception in the restaurant, which is connected. Amy, the private dining manager, is an absolute sweetheart!

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          We are getting married at the Tribeca rooftops. We went for a tasting and it was amazing. We had friends who got married their and thought the food was amazing! For what we are paying I am totally impressed!

        2. Second Eleven Madision. My sister was married there. She bought out the place for 140 guests and they did an amazing job. The food was wonderful which I rarely say at a wedding. Gorgeous space. Photographs beautifully. It will be unforgettable. If you are a foodie and food is top on your criteria list for a reception site, you need to go with a top notch restaurant. Caterers cannot come close.

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            foodlover88, Was the wedding before or after Chef Humm arrived?

          2. The original comment has been removed