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May 1, 2007 09:14 AM

ALL You Can Eat Korean BBQ?

ALL YCE Korean BBQ for never been non-asian coworkers tonight in ktown. they/I don't mind the hole in the wall so better suggestions than Manna would be appreciated. we'd also want a place with ttukbossam. thanks!

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  1. manna = dirty and gross

    i'd go to any of these:
    - soot bull guirim
    - mu dung san
    - soot bull guirim 2

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    1. re: wilafur

      I second gui rim or gui rim 2. Same menu, of course.

      1. re: Pei

        Third it - be prepared to smell like meat for days .. $15 pp and tastier than Manna because of the charcoal.

        You can start with the combo plate A and you're welcome to specify any of the meats you don't care to have included. Be sure to ask for the cold noodles (naeng myun) at the end which are included but not openly offered if you don't ask.

        1. re: Pei

          haha wilafur... here's my addition to your thoughts on manna

          manna = dirty, gross, overmarinated meat, BAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECHNO SONGS

          i'm with you on Gui Rim 2... for those interested in offals like intestines, hearts, tripe in addition to the standards, this is the place. warning: VERY VERY SMOKY... i'd say as bad as Soot Bull Jeep.

          Mu Dung San is up next for me... hearing great stuff about them and Park's.

          1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

            It’s funny. That Korean techno birthday song came out waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day and I can’t believe people STILL play it. You would figure some Korean group or another would have come out with a better rendition by now.

            I agree with eatdrinknbemerry and wilafur. Manna..... ewwwwww

            Haven't been to Gui Rim 2 but I have been to Gui Rim (on 6th and Manhattan). So much better than Manna.

        2. re: wilafur

          i ate at mu dung san last night. it was awesome. gas grill. delicious cuts. no skimping on the galbi! and they have bulgogi these days (but i think in the past it was a big piece of pork).

          1. re: scuzm

            scuzm...thats why i really like mu dung san......they one of the few (if not only) $15pp ayce place(s) that has beef bugolgi.

            1. re: wilafur

              You know, I've been to ALOT of kbbq places, and I've also been to Manna a few (dozen) times, and I gotta say Manna's pretty good and consistent. I've been to a few better in OC, maybe 1 or 2 in LA, but I've been to a ton of places worse than Manna. They turn over ALOT of food so it's all pretty fresh, service is usually good even when they're incredibly busy. It's cheap, and it's great for large parties.

              1. re: ns1

                we have different tastes because i find the meat at manna to be subpar.....who cares if the turnover on the meat is quick if the meat sucks? and don't even get me started on service.....well...actually its non-existent at manna.

                have you been to any of the places listed above? not only are they MUCH more clean than manna, but their meat is of higher quality and the service is decent to good. however, to each their own.

            2. re: scuzm

              I love mu dung san. The meat tastes great and I'm addicted to that potato-salad-ball that they serve as part of their pan chan. The only complaint I have is that if you don't speak Korean and can't read the menu, they don't exactly help you out. The first time I went there with AYCE, I didn't realize that you could also ask for a plate of chicken, and they didn't offer it to me. It was good either way though. When I go for Korean BBQ, I'm there for the galbi and those thin slices of pork.

              1. re: PandanExpress

                the thing about mu dung san is that they would help you, it's just that most of the waiters don't speak any english. i have a hard enough time getting the point across with my very poor korean.

                1. re: scuzm

                  i guess it depends on who your servers are because i speak absolutely no korean yet was able to order everything easily at mu dung san. =)

          2. I recommend Mu Dung San, It's got good meat, prices aren't bad and the service is decent (you're not gonna find good service in K-town)

            I don't like the owner at Soot Bul Guirim, so i don't go there anymore. If she doesn't think you're eating fast enough (she sees customers waiting for a table, $$$), she starts putting your meat on your grill and pushes you out the door.

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            1. re: holybull

              holybull, that happened to me at soot bull guirim2.....kinda forced us out with the check and a frown. bastids.

            2. Of all the AYCE Korean BBQ in K-town, I like Tahoe Galbi (on the corner of Wilshire & Wilton) the best.

              The restaurant is clean, the variety of meat is excellent, and the ban chan is yummy too.

              Mu Dung San is another good choice, but stay away from Manna...

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              1. re: dietgrace

                How much is the AYCE at Galbi? Thanks.

                1. re: Pei

                  The last time I was there it was $14.99, but I heard most of the AYCE Korean BBQ are raising their prices to $15.99. I was at Mu Dung San last week and they had raised the price to $15.99.

                  But, hey, $15.99/person, is still a great price for AYCE Korean BBQ.

              2. I second the rec. for Tahoe Galbi on Western/Wilshire. Roomy, clean, and good quality meats. I think the AYCE is $15 per person which is pretty standard for Korean BBQ.

                1. LA Family House on 8th and Berendo (3077 W. 8th St.) is pretty good. $14.99 for good meat, good service. If you call ahead, they try to get a table ready for you... (213)386-7890.