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May 1, 2007 09:00 AM

Why does my post keep getting deleted?


Someone on the Southwestern board asked about where to get roasted green chiles in Denver. Since you can't find street vendors doing this until the fall, I suggested going to Whole Foods, buying fresh chiles and roasting them himself. I even provided some instructions on how I do it - either with a gas or electric stove. Twice my response has been yanked by the Chowhound monitors. I'd just like an answer as to why my post was so reprehensible?

  1. You are posting a Home Cooking topic on a board that is for finding local chow. If the discussion had been where in Denver to find fresh green chiles you would have been okay, (although even then if you start giving out preparation / recipe intructions you are are no longer in bounds).

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    1. re: tony michaels

      I'M GUILTY AS CHARGED! I don't know how I'm going to live with myself for this heinous transgression. What irks me is that the Powers-that-Be won't explain it. Rules here are more complicated than buying a ticket from United.

      1. re: IslayMan

        At the top of the Chowhound Etiquette: "On our regional message boards (San Francisco, Chicago, etc.), the focus is where to find great chow in that area." How is that complicated?

        1. re: Chris VR

          Because the rules that do exist explicitly are not enforced uniformly, and because those who moderate the regional boards seem to have different perceptions of what is or is not acceptable on a given board.

          I have posted things on some regional message boards that remain untouched while the same material on another regional board is rapidly nuked.

          I have personal biases about things I believe play an important role in choosing a place to eat or buy food. I have no idea how many mods there are, how many are volunteers, or how mod responsibilities are divvied up. However, I DO know that some mods find these postings very acceptable while others clearly do not.

          In short, it is damned complicated! There is a line between keeping discussions focused (a very good thing) and letting personal mod biases block very relevant posts. Some folks at CNET cross that line much more than others.

          1. re: IslayMan

            This illustrates my point about different standards at different times and on different boards. Some posts giving recipes or suggesting you "make it yourself" are allowed to stand. Some are moved to home cooking. And some are killed entirely.

            1. re: embee

              If a bad or inappropriate post is left up, please don't interpret that as us moderators condoning it. We don't have the ability to see every single post; we miss stuff all the time. To keep our boards friendly and focused, we rely heavily on reports from hounds. You can click on the "Report" link under a given post to report it if you think it's inappropriate for a given board.

              We don't aim for 100% consistency. That's impossible. We do what we can with whatever spare time we have to keep the boards as chowy and focused as is reasonably and humanly possible.

              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                The point I was trying to make is the opposite of your comment's focus. You do a great job of killing posts that are really and truly inappropriate. (I am not being sarcastic about this.)

                However, SOME of you kill a great many posts that (I believe) ARE appropriate while others of you leave similar appropriate posts alone.

                This is a fun diversion for me, and what happens here doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of my life. But it is a real bummer to spend half an hour composing just the right message, knowing that similar messages are accepted on other regional boards, only to have it disappear.

                1. re: embee

                  Sorry for the frustration. We try to be as consistent as we can be.

                  To clear up what may be a misconception- with one exception, there aren't board-specific moderators. All the moderators moderate all of the boards. So there aren't one set of rules for one regional board, and another set for another regional board. The non-local boards are moderated a bit differently. We generally let stuff get a bit more free-ranging on those boards, but, like kudzu, chatty threads multiply when we let them, so what you may be noticing is the inevitable need to cut it back upon occasion.

                  1. re: The Chowhound Team

                    Point appreciated. But I encounter the situation of "always OK on one board; always killed on another" too often not to notice.

                    1. re: embee

                      In that case, embee, I would imagine that the regional boards where your posts are getting nuked have more (or at least more diligent) users who are reporting questionable posts, while the boards where your posts remain are less user-policed.

                2. re: The Chowhound Team

                  I think the distinction between buy it, make it, and geography, is clear, and the lines don't touch. I saw the original post: "where can I get..." means buy, not make. (and at this point in time, Hatch chiles are unripe on the vines, so one cannot do either)
                  I will defend the C'hound watchdogs as being swift and consistent, in that numerous of my posts have been deleted faster than the speed of light- I think I am on a special "watch" list. But every time (except one) I understood their point of view. Without exception, all of my reports have been successfully addressed in short order- including entire threads that were on a road to nowhere (the kudzu you will mention in 4 minutes, according to my crystal ball) Tough job, the monitors, and probably not enough "attaboys". I offer my thanks, from one of your loose cannons!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Not the same old "Nazi Moderator's" tune, how refreshing. Now they are Stalinist thugs. The Mod's are mostly volunteers who have jobs, families and hobbies that they try to pursue, all while spending a lot of unpaid hours trying to keep the site friendly, focused and useful. If you go and look at any of the Usenet "chat" sites you will see what absolute freedrom of expression brings - total chaos and mayhem. The rules on CH have been the same for the last 6 years I have been around. If the site and the way it's moderated is not to the satisfaction any of us we can always vote with our feet - or is it "fingers" in this case? But the moderation is the thing that makes CH worth visiting and using. There are literally hundreds of posts talking about finding and cosuming great chow being put up on myriad boards every day. Let's not lose site of all of the good things which are provided here free of charge to anyone who wants to regisiter. I sent along more that a couple of hundred dollars when all that kept this site going was Jim, Bob and a few other hardy souls who used duct tape and old dental floss to keep the lights on and the boards humming (well, maybe not humming - but more of a thunk, clunk, wheeze and gasp) to help out. Now days all I have to do is sit back and enjoy the show, and contribute to it when I want. Not a bad deal at all. Thanks for all the Mod's do and thanks to C/Net for riding to the rescue when they did.