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May 1, 2007 08:58 AM

Restaurant help for a group in Sobe

I'm sure you're sick of posts like this, so I apologize in advance, but I've been reading the previous posts similar to my situation and would like some input. I'm having my bachelorette party in Sobe and we're mostly NYC girls who are looking for something we can't find in NYC, but also a place that's able to accomodate approx. 12 without it being a hassel. I'm a fairly regular CH in NY, so good food is my top priority.

We're staying in the Sagamore which has the Social... reviews sound good but for a group of that size would it work and what would you suggest if not? How about Talula, OLA, or Nemo?

Any good brunch/lunch places? I've been to Sobe before and had a great mid-beach break at a sub stand, any other great hidden places like that?

And finally, my 19 year old sister will be with us... does anyone know of any clubs/bars where she could get in the door or places we could eat at and skip the bouncer at the door? She won't drink of course, but I don't want to exclude her.


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  1. Social is probably a good call for a group. Menu is all small dishes and the place has something of a clubby vibe. Talula has a nice outdoor space in back that's good for a group, but is a little more laid back, less of a scene-y place (which you can take as a plus or minus depending on what you're looking for). I'd say the same about Nemo, which has some very nice spaces but is a little less of a see-and-be-seen type place. I haven't been to OLA since they've moved to the new space in Sanctuary. I think Talula has the best food of the bunch, though OLA and Nemo are also very good. Only been to Social once and it was a bit hit-or-miss but overall pretty good.

    You have a China Grill in NYC so no particular reason to go here, though it's also good for groups. I have not been to either but Prime 112 (steakhouse) and Taverna Opa (Greek, complete with dancing on tables) are also typically recommended. Some may suggest Barton G but if you're going for the food (and not the presentation), I'd skip. Their presentation is fantastic and I do like the space, but the food is no great shakes and the prices are quite high.

    Talula does a nice Sunday brunch, though I've heard they recently lost their pastry chef and so this may not be quite up to snuff. Nemo also does a Sunday brunch but I haven't been. Icebox Cafe (off Lincoln Rd) does good breakfast/brunch but is a smaller place and probably would have trouble handling a group of 12. I also like Cafeteria (also Lincoln Rd) for breakfast/brunch/lunch and could probably handle a bigger group. Front Porch Cafe (on Ocean Dr) does very nice breakfast, their pancakes are excellent, but also may not work for a big group.

    Here's a good post for South Beach on a budget / hidden gems:

    I'm afraid I don't stay out late enough any more to suggest clubs!

    1. Table 8 should be your first choice of food/scene combo. Table 8 and Talula are very close foodwise but Table 8 has a better scene, Talula is kind of dead. Social will have the best scene on friday or saturday but the food is not as good as either of those places. The food has gotten better there recently, not that it was bad in the first place. I would say it is very good. Clubs in sobe don't card very often so you should be good to go. Bars do.

      Lower budget fun would be something like Opa.

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        What about Prime 112? Someone suggested it for a Bachelor party in an earlier thread and I've heard some buzz about it here in NYC. Is it something to consider or more of a guys place?

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          It will be interesting to see how that place turns out. Much more competition in NYC for steak than sobe. That all being said, I think P112 is testosterone heavy for bachelorette parties.