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May 1, 2007 08:55 AM

[DFW] New San Dor

I've been reading great things about this place. My father lives nearby and I was thinking about driving down to Plano to try it this week.

I'm really curious to try items from their Chinese menu. Anyone have any recommendations of some unusual but tasty dishes?

Of course I'm also open to try dishes from the regular menu that are must haves.


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  1. Peking duck, crispy garlic chicken (not the ususal americanized preparation), crab fried rice (again not the usual preparation) Shrimp with pork, braised pork .... - just ask for some guidance from a manager, very helpful. Everything I've had has been fantastic.

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    1. re: mfindfw

      I think about that crispy garlic chicken all the time it seems like.

      How is the shrimp with pork prepared exactly?

      1. re: vktp

        I thought I was the only one that keeps daydreaming about that place. Hehe. Im not alone.

    2. Good recos from mfindfw. Dont forget the steamed fish (we had the flounder) with ginger and scallions, sizzling seafood platter and black pepper cubed beef. These along with the crispy garlic chicken are my favorites. Without a doubt, this establishment is the best Cantonese/Chinese restaurant I have tried. I cant wait to go back.

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      1. re: jaime24g

        Agree completely on the steamed flounder. Best fish I've had in a Chinese restaurant in Dallas. Best advice is to ask questions & be adventurous. There are lots of dishes that are not on the menu.

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          Agree with the sizzling seafood platter recommendation. The sauce is addictive!

      2. Wow - thanks for the recs. We're going tonight and I can't wait!

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          Went on Wednesday. We were all impressed by how nice the decor is. They were quite busy, but sat us right away. We brought our own bottle of wine and paid the $10 corking fee. We ordered the Beef & Cilantro soup, Sizzling seafood in black bean sauce, Spicy pork curry flat noodles, roast duck, and crispy garlic chicken.

          No sooner had they brought us our soup and curry noodles, all the power in the area went out. They quickly brought candles to every table. When it became apparent that the power was not coming back on soon, we assumed that the dinner was over. Luckily, I guess the stoves in the kitchen use gas, so we were able to get every dish we ordered. The one candle was not enough to really see the food too well, so it was an interesting night.

          The crispy garlic chicken was definitely the standout - moist and juicy chicken with an amazing crispy garlic coating. The roast duck (recommended by the waiter as the most popular duck dish) tasted bland in comparison and was the least impressive of the bunch. The soup was very good, although we all had to add a bit of salt to it. It was kind of like an egg drop soup with ground beef and lots of fresh cilantro. The curry noodles were very good, but the menu advertised them as spicy, and I couldn't taste any hint of heat. They were also a bit greasy for my taste, but everyone else at the table loved them. The sizzling seafood was good, but the black bean sauce was more subtle than I was expecting. The seafood pieces were all delicate and perfectly cooked, but I might have liked them better if they hadn't been battered and fried. My father said this was his favorite dish, so maybe this one just isn't for me.

          Overall, it was a great meal, especially considering that they prepared two of our dishes by candelight! I WILL be back for that garlic chicken again and there were many items on the menu that we wanted to try.

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            recently had an eggplant dish at New San Dor thatwas fantastic. Sauteed in a slightly spicy sauce with some basil. never had anything like it before, a bit of heat from chilis + cool basil. What a fantastic combination.

            1. re: mfindfw

              Yes I love the eggplant with basil as well!

              1. re: donnaaries

                Yep same here order it nearly every time.

        2. How does this place's price range and portion size for their dishes compare to First Chinese BBQ?

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          1. re: air

            A few dollars more expensive I think (hard to remember since all I ever get at 1st Chinese is roast bbq pork and wonton soup), but the portion sizes are probably a little bigger (or maybe just the plates are bigger). It's probably on par with Kirin Court for price and portion size.

            1. re: air

              Portion sizes are similar, I think. Never paid very close attention since the portions are generous & I find the qulaity to be substantialy higher and the kitchen's ability much greater. Prices are slightly higher for comparable menu items although New San Dor's quality is better. Well worth the small differences. The most expensive items at New San Dor are considerably more expensive than the ones at First Chinese BBQ (i.e. Crab Fried Rice - a delicious fried rice topped with a whole dungeness Crab), but such dishes are not available at first Chinese BBQ.

            2. I went to NSD last night for the first time... it was fantastic. Thanks everyone for the recommendations - we ate the Crispy Garlic Chicken (amazing), Sizzling Seafood w/ Black Bean Sauce (great), Peking Duck (great) and Eggplant with Basil (good). Even the fortune cookies were above average - really light and crispy.