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May 1, 2007 08:54 AM

Help! Dining in the South of Spain

My wife and I are heading to Madrid, Granada and Seville for a few weeks early this summer. We both are avid foodies and cooks. We like both simple eats, tapas, and haute cuisine. Can anyone recommend restaurants in any of these cities. Also, I have a severe allergy to shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab), will this really inhibit my ability to eat in this region? Are there any other small towns that people would recommend going to for food and wine? Thanks.

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  1. Andalucia is a fab part of Spain. Although, as with most Brits on holiday, I tend to stay along the coast. Good food can be hard to come by in tourist resorts in Spain (as anywhere else). Estepona is the least developed town and retains much of a Spanish feel - particularly in the old centre. Good simple meals can be had very easily - look for restaurants that are half empty until about 9.30 and then fill up with locals starting to arrive for dinner.

    You will easily avoid shellfish. This is a part of the world where the frying of fish is a mainstay of cuisine. Think a plate of perfectly fried bass, salad of lettuce and tomato, half a lemon, fab olive oil. Wonderful stuff. What more does one need?


    1. If you have time,go to gorgeous "Ronda",one of the most beautiful and pintoresque towns in Europe.
      In Ronda,there's a fantastic restaurant called "Tragabuches" - modern Andalusian cuisine-