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May 1, 2007 08:47 AM

Saigon Sandwiches? Canoga Park (Photos)

I drove by this spot the other day and picked up a menu.

Its next store to another tasty Vietnamese spot called "Balle" (you must try their half of a chicken with dipping sauces)

Anyway, I'm curious about this spot if anybody can share their feedback.

I'm attaching the menu.



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  1. It's ok - nothing exciting. If you're craving banh mi, it'll do the job.

    1. The place next door is called Ba-Le Valley, which is a terrific restaurant. The chicken dish that Hypnotic mentions is called "barbecued chicken" on the menu, and is a wonderful bargain -- as evidenced by the fact that it's on about about half of the plates coming out of the kitchen. They also have a terrific choice of soups; Ms. Oz can't do without her periodic fix of the duck soup, which is really, really good. And their imperial rolls are excellent as well -- be sure to ask them for some basil (if they don't bring it with the rolls) so that you can roll the roll in a lettuce leaf WITH some basil before you dip it in the sauce. And the best thing about this place is that even though their prices have risen since I first started going there maybe 10 years ago, they have not risen all that much: My family (me, Ms. Oz, and two adult children, one of them a giant hulk of a boy) can eat and eat and eat for $30 and feel very happy.

      1. I love their sandwiches. I always have them for lunch every Saturdays.

        1. Saigon Sandwiches is close to my workshop so I get a sandwich ($4.25) to go a couple times a week. It's always been good. French roll is crunchy outside, soft in middle. Had a mango boba drink today. Very good too. They have a shrimp spring roll special as well. Very quick service. I like this place a lot.