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May 1, 2007 08:37 AM


Can you recommend a good restaurant for 4 people - good food, but not terribly expensive?

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  1. here's a good post w/ info. I'd go to Utopia Cafe which is mention in the post.

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      Last time we were at Utopia (a few months ago) it was not so good. It is certainly cheap, but it is not as nice and clean as Great Eastern; a bit of a dive, if you like that sort of thing (which I do). The first few times we went we had good food but it may be going downhill -- there was another recent downhill report on this board (I can't find it).

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        i'm hardly a regular at utopia, but i do like them. could you be more specific about what turned you off? over the years i've always enjoyed their food. i'd be very unhappy if they were going downhill.

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          The last dinner (at Utopia), just the two of us, a few months ago. We ordered a claypot chicken and the chicken was gristly and fatty, though the rice was nice and crusty. We asked for the best green veg, and they suggested something -- I forget exactly -- maybe mustard greens -- and it was tough and fibrous. We ate an early dinner and there were few other patrons, so no excuses for the cook.

      1. We went to Great Eastern a few days ago and had a very good time. It was somehow in the back of my mind that it is an expensive place, but twelve of us had a great meal for only $135 before tip.
        We had half a soy sauce chicken, half a roast duck, order of BBQ pork -- all of which were excellent quality. Two orders of steamed oysters in B Bean sauce, two orders of pea leaves in garlic sauce, an order each of spicy eggplant, dry-fried string beans with no meat, beef with broccoli, a nice dessert soup (red bean-tapioca).
        Service was very fine, very efficient.
        It's true that you can spend a lot of money here if you order the seafood from the tanks, or some of the more rarefied dishes. But the less expensive stuff is very well prepared. All the dishes were excellent.

        Great Eastern
        649 Jackson (between Grant and Kearny)

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          It's the live seafood and specials that are really expensive at G-E (and excellent, as a rule); however, it's surprising how reasonable the down-home items are! What's difficult is resisting temptation.

        2. I have eaten at Z&Y restaurant two times. The second time (included in this post I am linking) was much better. I would definitely recommend these dishes there....the staff are super friendly and helpful.

          1. I also liked Yuet Lee when I ate there.

            Dave MP

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              Yuet Lee is surprisingly good for Chinatown standards, and surprisingly expensive for Chinatown standards. Its strongest attraction is its late hours, and you can see bar-leaving folks heading there around 2 AM. Dishes are clean (not greasy) and cooked with care, and I have to applaud them for not downgrading their food even though the late-night crowd probably doesn't care.