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May 1, 2007 08:34 AM

Great steak in West LA for parents?

So my mother's bday is right around the corner and all she has been talking about is going out to a nice "steak house." I for one am a big fan of red meat but honeslty I haven't been to any steak houses in my life (ie Mastros, Arnie Mortons, etc) So now I'm looking for any solid restaurants just west of highland that doesnt come with the high price tags like from the restaurants mentioned above. Plus my parents won't be able to appreciate a really superb piece of meat either. I just want something solid and not ala carte either. All your input will definately help! thanks again.

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  1. Try Billingsly's on Pico -- great prime rib and new york

    1. What about Porterhouse Bistro? The have a nice prix fixe menu. BTW, have to tell you, I use the user name Derf on some message boards -- never saw anyone else use it before!

      1. Check out this thread from last week...some of the same concerns you have.

        Steakhouse in LA - Price *is* an object