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May 1, 2007 08:29 AM

CHEAP 25 person in west wood HELP

Im feeding a group of 25 for class. We are by Santa Monica and sepulveda. so close as possible.

Any suggestions on a cheap dinner option? we usually do domino's or subway, but im hoping there are other options...


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  1. although it's a chain, it would seem to me that souplantaion on san vicente would be an inexpensive step up from subway that could realistically handle 25 people walking in together.

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      there is also new japan at santa monica and sawtelle. its a fast food japanese place where the average dinner plate is +/- $9. its a good bang for your buck value.

      basically at santa monica and sepulveda is zankou chicken.

    2. Right at Sepulveda south of Santa Monica Blvd. is Zankou chicken. Everyone could eat chicken or shawarma plates for under $10 a person, perhaps a bit less if you ordered several whole chickens and split them.

      At Feast from the East, on Westwood south of Santa Monica Blvd (west side of street) less than halfway to Olympic, everyone could have what I think is the best chinese chicken salad in town, or other items, again under $10.

      You could eat very well at El Super Taco, on Santa Monica Blvd. at Brockton, with a ton of tacos for a buck, burritos, or tortas, their specialty. But a group of 25 would really slam them, as it would at Monte Alban a couple doors down. El Super Taco could probably handle it if you called and ordered in advance.

      A couple of curry houses on Sawtelle, south of Santa Monica Blvd. closer to Olympic, could feed the group for under $10 per. Most would order the chicken katsu, a deepfried chicken patty served with a huge mound of rice and curry gravy. Curry House or Hurry Curry, on opposite sides of Sawtelle.

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        I also think Zankou Chicken is a good choice.
        Chinese food is always good for group, eat family style. I haven't been to Hop Li since it converted from JR Seafood. There is also VIP Seafood (name?) on Wilshire and Barrington. There is another place in the mall on Santa Monica and Veteran above the coffee bean, I haven't been there in years so I don't know if its still any good.

      2. Gilbert's El Indio on Pico
        Some love and some hate, but I'm a lover of Eduardo's Border Grill.
        Asahi Ramen if you can get over to Sawtelle.
        Hungry Pocket Falafel house on Pico in SM
        [Farmer's Market if you could get there...]

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          Asahi Ramen and Eduardo's really can't handle 25 people walking in the door.

          1. re: Sandra W

            I beg to differ on Eduardo's, but okay...