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May 1, 2007 08:22 AM

Hidden Gems

One meal in Brooklyn-where would you eat?

I'm heading to NYC (staying in Park Slope) from Austin tomorrow and wanted to get the skinny on some area eateries. I'd prefer to find something that my hosts might not even be aware of.

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  1. Cheskel's Shwarma King is reasonably close. It is kosher (more expensive), closed during any Jewish holiday.

    M&I international Foods (Russian) near Coney Island.

    Sugar Cane on Flatbush

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      I second M&I International Foods in Brighton Beach. It's a giant supermarket/deli that sells hot/prepared foods. Stunningly delicious! They also have an upstairs food court. Their soups are flavorfull, anything with potatoes is great. The meats are delicious. If I could live in the store, I would!

    2. One meal in Bklyn? Staying in Park Slope? Well, if your hosts arent too knowledgable, there's a chance that they dont know al di la. But, even if they do know it, it's the local place that's one of the best in Bklyn. Other one meal choices for someone from Austin to take their hosts might be Tanoreen in Bay Ridge or Convivium in the Slope or Aliseo in Prospect Heights or Noodle Pudding in Bklyn Heights.

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        Add Applewood to that list. Assuming that the OP's hosts aren't CH posters it's doubtful they've eaten in all of these places.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Thanks to everyone for their input. I wound up following my hosts around to a bevy of restaurants they chose, so I'll put the board's suggestions in the queue for my next visit. So you know, the hosts knew agreed with the board on the restaurants they knew (al di la-which we tried but couldn't get into, Convivium, Applewood, and Aliseo), and are planning to explore the rest in the coming weeks (it's serendipity that one of the hosts needed to find a Russian eatery for a work dinner; he promised to tell me about M&I soon).

          As for my own experience:
          Minetta's: Not Brooklyn, and meh. The special filet of sole was a mediocre almondine and the calimari was overcooked. Good bread, though. Historic places don't always have memorable food.
          Brooklyn Fish Camp: Okay oysters, great lobster rolls (was that brioche?), and the Lump Louisiana Crab au Gratin will not be forgotten.
          360: How can you pass up a $25 prix fixe? The Fishers Island oysters were some of the best I've had, the meat and cheese plates were well constructed and delicious, the spaetzle was spot on, but the main entrees didn't really hold up to scrutiny. Interesting (and good) wine pairings though.
          Stone Park: I was pretty stuffed at this point, but I forded on and thankfully so. They have the penultimate (okay, maybe not penultimate, but damn fine) polenta dish. I would return just to have that one dish again. I had the fish sandwich, but was really too full of food and drink at this point to make a reasoned assessment.

          I can't wait to get back.