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May 1, 2007 08:14 AM

South Shore Breakfast Restaurants

I am taking my mother out for an early Mother's Day breakfast on Saturday am. I'm looking for some good breakfast recommendations around Hanover, MA. I was thinking of going to The Strawberry Fair, but I was wondering what other spots people like? I am willing to drive 15 minutes or so.

Looking for something fairly nice, not a greasy spoon diner.


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  1. Nothing better than 'Arthur and Pat's' in Marshfield!!!

    Nothing says Mothers Day like Pesto Eggplant Provolone Omelets :)

    1. Newcomb Farms in Milton and Quincy.The place is not fancy at all, but not a greasy spoon either. The Milton location is very quaint.
      I don't think you'd find Pesto Eggplant Provolone Omelets on the menu, but I always enjoy the skillet breakfast.

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        Arthur and Pats is truly fantastic! They have this dish that they are known for and the name escapes me but it's thin potato pancakes with poached eggs, slices of smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. There is a little mesclun salad on the side. It's wonderful. What is so nice about Arthur and Pats is that the food is incredible and you can wear jeans and be relaxed. Trust me when I tell you that the food is incredible.

        1. re: hoplover

          How many breakfast places would you not wear jeans and be relaxed at? I may take the drive down there on Fri. to finally check it out.

          1. re: Joanie

            Joanie by all means go there and have either lunch or breakfast. The weather is supposed to be nice and it is across the street from the beach. I think the dish I was referring to is called " Oh my G-d" Because it is that good. Ask for Dee to wait on you.

          2. re: hoplover

            Went to Arthur and Pat's this past Saturday. The breakfast was excellent! Everyone got something different and we all got to try each other's food. Their homemade bread (with seeds in it, not sure what kind besides sunflower) they bake for toast is unreal, I had to buy a loaf to bring home. My Mother was very happy with her Mother's Day Breakfast.

            It was $100 for four people including tip - a bit on the expensive side for breakfast, but the food was unique and very good quality. Definitely worth it for special occasions.

            Thanks Chowhounds!

            1. re: mjg0725

              Can I ask how you spent $100 with four people. All I can find online is a lunch menu with nothing over $12, which includes lobster, shrimp, and other seafood.

              Also, I would add that Strawberry Fair in Norwell offers a very good breakfast.

              1. re: mkel34

                That does seem high but I was surprised to see a veggie omelette for $10 and a few other higher than normal prices there. Maybe they got lots of fresh OJ, fruit, coffee, etc.

                1. re: mkel34

                  I guess I should have added that we did not hold back order wise. We all ordered $12-$14 omelets and specials. Couple of Fruit cups at $4.95, $1.95 each for Juices, $1.95 for each coffee, couple of different sides. It all added up. You definitely could do it a bit cheaper, but no matter how you look at it I feel it's expensive for breakfast food.

                  I agree with Strawberry Fair, but I wanted to do something different this time.

                  If this is the menu your referring too, Dee the owner said "although I have heard about the site, I know nothing about it and never even posted it." So I doubt it's accurate. Also, they DO NOT take credit cards.... Something I wish I knew before I got there..

                2. re: mjg0725

                  Glad to hear!! Honestly--I don't know a place in the Boston area that is better...maybe Centre St. Cafe, but even then...I think Arthur and Pat's is even tastier :)

                  The ocean across the street is lovely too!

            2. I guess East Milton Sq isn't technically South Shore, but only a few minutes from North Quincy. A Lighter Fare in the Milton Marketplace is a great place for a nicer, non-diner feeling breakfast. They get packed for Mother's Day though, so you will need to make a reservation.

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              1. re: kobuta

                I like A Lighter Fare, too. It's probably my favorite place for breakfast south of Boston (other than Lake Pearl in Wrentham, but that's far away from the Hanover area).

              2. The Venetian in Weymouth offers nice breakfast- not quite greasy spoon, not fancy either. But they make their hollandaise fresh and it's a pretty varied menu for breakfast.

                1. greasy spoon or not if i lived in hanover i would be at joe's coffee shop for breakfast at least three days a week!

                  my non-greasy spoon suggestion would be easter's in weymouth (on 53). they too get jammed so be prepared for a wait.