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May 1, 2007 08:06 AM

Need suggestions for LES/financial dis

Will be staying on Nassau St. between Beekman and Ann St. for a few days next week. I know very little about this area. Can you recommend some good restaurants, low to mid range in price ? The apartment we're staying in has a kitchen so, any advice on grocery/market places would be beneficial too. What about good bagels in that area? Thanks!

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  1. Go to Jubilee on Gold and John St - fantastic grocery / prepared foods / everything you'll need. Pick up lunches, snacks, etc.

    For dinners, check out Adrienne's on Stone Street, or Ulysses next door. Also, where you are staying, you can walk across City Hall Park to TriBeCa for many many more options.

    1. Zeytuna, on William at John Street has prepared foods as well as grocery items; Zeitzeff on Nassau & John has great burgers, as does The Casual Grill on John; there is also a place called Olive Leaf that has good Mediterranean stuff at lunch and for sushi, there is Sushi Ala Kawa on Maiden near Nassau. It's definitely worth walking over to Tribeca or over to Chinatown, for more options