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May 1, 2007 07:59 AM

Mendocino/Ft. Bragg Updates?

We'll be up on the north coast this weekend and I was wondering if anyone had any updates on the chow scene in Mendocino or Ft. Bragg. We'll be staying up in Westport, and likely driving south for most meals except for breakfast. We'll also have some picnic supplies in tow. Thanks to the prior postings we're planning on a splash out dinner at Mendo Bistro on Saturday night, and less expensive places for the other meals. The boards seem to point towards:

Mendo Bistro
Piaci Pizza
Taqueria Ricardo
Headlands Cafe
Cowlick's Ice Cream
North Coast Brewing Company
Tote Fete Bakery
Garden Bakery

Are we missing anything? Have any of these closed or changed ownership? Is there one we absolutely should not miss.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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  1. Re: Mendo village cheap eats... I recently enjoyed the turkey burger and fries at Mendo Burger, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and burritos from Tote Fete, and the fish & chips at Gallagher's (pub). Cowlick's ice cream is to die for. Mendocino Cookie Company is great if you want cookies in your picnic basket. And you can always just stop at Harvest Market or Mendosa's for picnic supplies. ;-)

    I have yet to try Mendocino Market. Please report back if you try it. I've heard it's good.

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      Thanks for that info. Particularly on Mendo village which I was less sure about. We're really looking forward to the trip and I'll report back on what we find.

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        If you like beer. the North Coast is the place. The food is pretty good too, but the beers are world class, some of the best. try the Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, it is like food in iteself.

    2. I hope you had a great weekend! In addition to some of the places you mentioned (Mendo Bistro for one), we like the Laurel St. Deli for quick lunches. The food is superb, inexpensive and just tasty! It breathes in and out, so you'll have a seat soon if you have to wait. For brunch...Eggheads is an experience to enjoy and their food is wonderful (that's why there's such a line).

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        We had a great time up on the mendocino coast this weekend. Just extraordinary! I can't believe we've waited this long to travel up there.

        The chow:

        Ardellas in Willits: Stopped here for lunch on the way up. Great food for the somewhat generic looking space. Crowded with locals chatting across the tables. Gigantic lemondades (a little sweet), and creative grilled sandwiches. The veggie panni with goat cheese was super tasty, as was the potato leek soup. I found things a little on the salty side, but not so much as to be unenjoyable.

        Dinner: Picnic with tapas I made prior to departure on our private patio at Howard's Creek Ranch (Great place! Loved the meadow cabin!)

        Breakfast: Howards creek. French toast, baked pears, sausage, quiche, coffee, fruit. Yummy!

        Lunch: Picnic with supplies purchased at Say Cheese in SF pre-depature.

        Dinner: Piaci Pizza in Ft. Bragg. Mendo Bistro was crowded with local prom couples so we opted for Piaci Pizza across the street. Great little place, very very friendly. We shared an arugula salad with some fantastic goat cheese, a pizza split down the middle between housemade sausage (lots of fennel) and caramelized onions and a veggie. Great pizza, nice thin crust, good flavor. Finished with a cup of spumoni from Cowlicks across the street. I thought it had sort of a grainy texture which I found odd. The best part was the wine. Our sever, Sarah, hooked us up with a carafe of McNab Pinotage for 12$. It was fantastic! She also brought out a class of graziano zin for us to try on the house and drew us a map of all of the wineries we should visit on our drive home. Great night!

        Breakfast: Howard creek with eggs, sausage, and biscuts.

        Lunch: Another picnic on the beach in the sun.

        Great times had by all. Thanks Hounds!