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May 1, 2007 07:25 AM

Yuva (Indian restaurant, E.50's)

Just looking for information on this place-- food? atmosphere? service? general reviews?

Specifically, we're thinking of going on a Saturday night-- wanted to know if it has an atmosphere that welcomes lingering a little.


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  1. Yuva was excellent when Tuhin Dutta was cooking there. He's the guy who put Banjara on the map in the last 90's. I don't think he is at Yuva currently. Any further info on where he is cooking, and whether Yuva is currently good, is most welcome.

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      This posting must be by Tuhin Datta himself. He had no contribution to the SUCCESS of Yuva restaurant. Its Zagat top rated restaurant (2010). The Chef there is Master Chef Dhandu Ram and not this Tuhin. Please meet with the owners, I forgot the names, they are sweetest people and they will tell you that who put Yuva on the map.

      230 East 58th St, New York, NY 10022

      1. re: Sunsetx

        Did you notice this posting is over three years old?

        1. re: chow_gal

          Hello My Dear Diners,

          This is your Chef Tuhin Dutta. Former Chef at Banjara , Cardamom and Concultant Chef at Yuva. Firstly I would take this opportunity to mention that ,the first comment about myself posted by Vinos, Dated May 1st ,2007 wasn't posted by me. I am sure it must have been written by one of my well wishers. I would like to thank Vinos for that. On the same note I would also like to thank Chow Gal for the quick correction.

          The owners may be making a lot of unpopular comments about me and many other original staffs, Yuva had started with. The facts are : I was involved in the planning , menu development , food presentation phase of this restaurant. Since I am being given a bad name here ,I felt it is time to address this subject. The owners have been doing so to all its original staff without a stop since the opening of this restaurant. As such the entire original staff let within a few months. Since then the staff entrance has been an open door.

          The menu that is being sold was created my me and I am happy that the restaurant is doing very good. A partial recreation of the Banjara Menu , in a high end setting with better products and better presentation.

          I am glad ZAGAT felt the menu and the food presentations, fine enough to be rated in the top of the Indian section. I wish ,they can keep getting the top ratings in the years to come. Even till date this place still has good chances of doing even better than ,what it is doing now. I wish the owners more success with Yuva but would also like to add that discrediting their Original staff doesn't speak good about them.

          Happy dining my fans.

          230 East 58th St, New York, NY 10022

    2. My family and I LOVE this place! The lamb chops are so tender and delicious we always get a couple of orders so there is plenty to go around. It does get crowded on weekend nights but the owners are lovely so you wont feel rushed out the door.

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