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Golden Thai on Church St

Has anyone been to this restaurant? I know there have been several posts and reviews on the "best" Thai restaurant, but I'm looking for a special place for our anniversray. I'd rather not go to Bankok Gardens.

Can anyone give me their thoughts on "Golden Thai"?

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  1. Have been there. Some folks think it is one of the best local places around. A little greasy for me. But a great find non the less.

    1. It's OK - and that sums it up.
      I'd recommend Linda's as the'special place' - resembles a Bistro but serves Thai food.
      Only drawback is having to enter through the line-up for the Salad King downstairs, which ill-prepares you for the calm upstairs.

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        Looking at the menu, it seems like Linda is much more Thai-fusion than Thai. Most of their dishes are not Thai. This, of course, doesn't invalidate the flavour (I have yet to try it, and I look forward to it), but just a word of warning.

      2. Just went recently, good lunch specials. Golden Thai is one of the more nicer thai places in terms of decor/ambiance. But Linda's probably still best and only higher end thai.

        1. I used to go quite frequently for lunch for convenience sake. I liked it, but wouldn't go out of my way again.

          FYI, since I've just posted about finding a good thai restaurant, I guess I either didn't consider this because I've been so many times, or because I wasn't wowed by it enough to return.

          1. I went to Golden Thai on New Year's Eve. The decor was nice, but I wasn't much wowed by the dishes; it seemed to be about 50/50. Some of them were very good, and others were just bland and completely unmemorable. I would hesitate to recommend it.

            1. Golden Thai has nice decor with average food. I think it is pretty good, the portion is ok. But I recommend Linda over Golden Thai, I think the food is more tasty there and their tasting menu has great value. Price is similar. Both places are good for anniversary type of things as a Thai restaurant.

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                Hi everyone ... thanks for your feedback. I'm swaying towards Young Thailand perhaps now. I have been to Spring Rolls and know about Linda's upstairs .. the pictures on the website look very nice, however, we were not impressed with the snooty service (in our opinion) at Spring Rolls, and although Linda's is separate, my husband is not very keen on going to Linda's. I appreciate all the replies!

                1. re: red dragon

                  Hey red dragon, Linda's has no affiliation with Spring Rolls at all. Linda's is above Salad King. Is that what you meant?

                  BTW, I really like Golden Thai. That and Linda's are my favorite "table cloth" Thai restaurants. But maybe it's just because I met my husband at Golden Thai... :o)

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                    Hi TorontoJo .. .that's very romantic (about meeting your husband at GT). I know Spring Rolls and Linda's are two separate restaurants, but share an entrance way ... are you sure they're not affiliated? I thought they were in some way.

                    Unfortunately, my husband is so turned off by the poor service we've gotten at Spring Rolls, that he doesn't want to go back at all. He had an arguement with the hostess when she started seating "several" people behind us. She claimed that she did call our name (which is not a common name), but my husband said he's quite sure she messed up and didn't call our name, that and some other issues, but It's ok, I'm sure we'll have a good time no matter where we go.

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                      Spring Rolls is a chain and is not where Linda's is. Read TorontoJo's note carefully; the one downstairs sharing the entrance way is Salad King. It's cafeteria style and has no Hostess, you go to the counter, order and try to find a seat. You must have been somewhere else.

                      The Spring Rolls that's close by is in the Atrium on the Bay.

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                        Cafeteria style would've described Salad King two years ago. Now they do, in fact, have a hostess and servers, too!

                        1. re: Delish

                          Oh sorry. I guess I haven't gone for 2 years! stopped going when I decided I don't like their food and also always too busy.

                        2. re: Teep

                          Oh, I meant Salad King, don't know what I was thinking ... duh? I meant Salad King has affilation with Linda's.

                    2. re: red dragon

                      Yeah, Spring Rolls and Linda are two different restaurants owned and managed by different people !!??

                      Food at Linda is much much better than Spring Roll IMO.

                  2. I've never found a Thai joint in Toronto that's particularly distinctive. Most are acceptable, competent enough, respectable, but forgettable, with almost identical menus and prices. The first Thai spot that comes up with an innovative menu - similar to Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, which is a revelation as to what Thai food can be, and at modest prices to boot - will get my exclusive Thai business. Until then, it's Lotus of Siam every time I get to Las Vegas and make my way to the desolate strip mall east of The Strip where it's located.

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                      Thank you. I agree with this sentiment completely. I rarely bother eating out for Thai food in Toronto anymore and just wait until I make trips to Ottawa, DC, or Hawaii to get the good stuff. The Toronto Thai scene is stagnant and festering.

                    2. I enjoy Golden Thai a lot. Service there is good and the dishes are enjoyable. I like the fried eggplant, spicy noodles and thai beef salad and the appie plate.

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                        Just an update on our dinner at Golden Thai. A very nice place for ambience, but have to be honest and agree with some posters who said the food was so-so. Service was … how do I explain??? Rushed but yet slow? The waiter knew it was our first time but did not recommend anything nor was helpful. We were very disappointed with that. Each time we encountered him, he was rushed and just not very sincere or helpful. We saw him serving other tables and he’d be half walking away while the customer was talking, or other times, in a mad rush. The restaurant was busy for a week night, but when I mentioned this, they thought it wasn’t a busy night for them.

                        The food was very slow in coming … we were there for 2 hours and ordered the set menu below. Portions (again in my opinion) were tiny and my husband actually thought the whole dinner cost $28 in total (lol) because the portions were small! They came on these small boat like gratin dishes and were disappointing. My husband had quite a snack when we got home, but again, everyone’s appetite is different, so just explaining our experience.

                        I don’t think we will return but it was a nice place to get our pictures taken over Young Thailand for example. For the price we paid ($26 each) with two non-alcoholic drinks, it was “really” not worth the money. In future we will order off the menu at other Thai restaurants. Also, I did see some regular sized dishes on other tables, and they seemed a bit small as well.

                        Hope this helps.

                        GOLDEN CLASSIC 26.00 per person
                        Shrimp Crackers
                        Thai Spring Roll
                        Thai Cool Roll
                        Lemon Shrimp Soup
                        Mango Salad
                        Chicken or Pork Satay
                        Basil Beef
                        Golden Thai Shrimp
                        Phad Thai
                        Coconut Rice
                        Rum Fried Bananas

                        1. re: red dragon

                          We had to bail on another local establishment and found ourselves at the Golden Thai.
                          An excellent choice!
                          For appetizers we had the Spicy Calamari and chicken satay. Great!

                          Mains were Garlic Beef, Spicy Thai Noodles, Coconut Chicken, Vegeterian Rice, Pad Thai.
                          For 4 people, it was awesome. A couple of whte wines , 5 Stella's and a Thai Iced Tea the bill came out to about $133.00 less tip.
                          The Service was again, great at the start, and we were served our appetizers quickly.
                          We ordered our mains before other people did and we had to ask our waiter where they were. He said he too checked and was told they would arrive shortly. So, he must have noticed something was not right.
                          Well, from appetizer to main was 40 minutes.
                          The food quality was fine. I think they just got it wrong service wise this evening.

                          1. re: Poorboy

                            Must say that hubby and I went to Golden Thai last night and had a fantastic experience. Very busy but wait was fine and food was incredible. They were 'on' last night b/c we've had plenty of Thai experiences and this has been the best to date. We had the golden classic and were very, very pleased, with leftovers to spare. I recommend Golden Thai heartily and hope you get an experience similar to ours.

                      2. We were at the Golden Thai this weekend, ordered the combos at the back of the menu and found the portions quite small. The food was really tasty but at $24 per person there was just not enough food for everyone. We are not huge eaters but all of us found we were still hungry at the end of the meal.

                        The service was efficient but we didn't really get a warm feeling and we were celebrating a special occasion. The food was all dropped down at one end of the table and we couldn't tell which items were for who.

                        I think I would try this restaurant again but will try ordering the items inside the menu instead of the combo platters.

                        Golden Thai
                        105 Church St, Toronto, ON M5C2G3, CA

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                          I've been there half a dozen times. It's consistent and efficient and the room is nice, but the food is average.

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                            The food was likely dropped down as such because Thai food is generally meant to be eaten family style, unless you go for lunch and they offer combo plates. I don't understand someone going to a restaurant and eating a huge bowl of pad thai and someone else a huge bowl of red curry. It's overkill of one flavour.... share, folks!