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May 1, 2007 07:23 AM

Golden Thai on Church St

Has anyone been to this restaurant? I know there have been several posts and reviews on the "best" Thai restaurant, but I'm looking for a special place for our anniversray. I'd rather not go to Bankok Gardens.

Can anyone give me their thoughts on "Golden Thai"?

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  1. Have been there. Some folks think it is one of the best local places around. A little greasy for me. But a great find non the less.

    1. It's OK - and that sums it up.
      I'd recommend Linda's as the'special place' - resembles a Bistro but serves Thai food.
      Only drawback is having to enter through the line-up for the Salad King downstairs, which ill-prepares you for the calm upstairs.

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        Looking at the menu, it seems like Linda is much more Thai-fusion than Thai. Most of their dishes are not Thai. This, of course, doesn't invalidate the flavour (I have yet to try it, and I look forward to it), but just a word of warning.

      2. Just went recently, good lunch specials. Golden Thai is one of the more nicer thai places in terms of decor/ambiance. But Linda's probably still best and only higher end thai.

        1. I used to go quite frequently for lunch for convenience sake. I liked it, but wouldn't go out of my way again.

          FYI, since I've just posted about finding a good thai restaurant, I guess I either didn't consider this because I've been so many times, or because I wasn't wowed by it enough to return.

          1. I went to Golden Thai on New Year's Eve. The decor was nice, but I wasn't much wowed by the dishes; it seemed to be about 50/50. Some of them were very good, and others were just bland and completely unmemorable. I would hesitate to recommend it.