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May 1, 2007 06:55 AM

Birthday dinner tomorrow night

I'm looking to take my boyfriend out for his birthday dinner tomorrow night and i'm fresh out of ideas. We went out to Falai for my birthday, which was amazing, so I don't really want to do Italian for his. Any suggestions for a romantic place in lower manhattan? Pretty much I'm just asking you to tell me your fave romantic restaurants.

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  1. Is there a budget? And when you said downtown, does that mean below 14th / Soho/tribeca?

    For romantic and high-end I will suggest Bouleys in Tribeca

    1. People's idea of what makes a restaurant romantic can differ quite a bit. For me, that would be a smallish space; tables not unbearably close to one another and with comfortable seating; decor with not much, if any, frou frou; and a conversation-friendly noise level, which means if there is music (I actually prefer none), that the volume is kept very low.

      Two of our favorite restaurants that fit that description are Fleur de Sel and Veritas. Of course, both have delicious food -- contemporary French at Fleur de Sel and modern American at Veritas.

      1. I haven't been to Paradou yet, but it's received high marks in all your requisite categories from everyone I know who's been there. I have it circled in red for the next great meal!

        OTOH, Gascogne is always delicious and always romantic, and with a little luck from Mother Nature, the garden will be open...

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