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May 1, 2007 06:13 AM

Good salad for lunch around 46th & Broadway?

I will be around this area today and would like a nice, quiet place to enjoy a sald for lunch. Nothing fancy. I can only think of the PAX and Saborro''s. Really don't want to be amoung all the crowds and tourists. Any thoughts?

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  1. this is a little fancier, but the BEST salad i've had is at fred's (9th floor of barney's). a little further from where you are, i realize, but worth the trek. it's the chicken chopped salad. you won't regret it!

    1. If Bar Americain serves Bobby Flay's famous Sophie's Salad, that would be a reason to go there. I'm not the biggest fan of Bobby's restos, but there's something about Sophie's Salad that is knock your socks off.

      Failing that, and I make no claims as to the healthfulness of this salad, but Virgil's Savannah Salad is incredibly delicious.

      There's a Europa Cafe with a nice seating area on 45th or 46th and 6th Ave. The Caesar there is quite good, and I've never seen it very crowded, it's more of an office lunch spot than a tourist lunch spot. It's a bit hidden almost inside an office building, I believe it's waiter service if you choose to dine in.

      If the weather is nice, how about stopping for a toss your own at Hale & Hearty on 42nd close to 6th Ave and have it in Bryant Park.