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May 1, 2007 04:33 AM

old-fashioned health food stores?

I'm talking the serious kind, that sells all kinds of bulk herbs etc...I'm looking for dried chamomile flowers, lavender flowers and dried nettles to make tea, and Whole Foods doesn't have 'em. It occurs to me I've never seen an old-school hippie-run health food store around here. Thoughts? Thanks!!

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  1. Deborah's Natural Gourmet in West Concord has some bulk herbs. To make the most of your West Concord visit, Nashoba Brook Bakery is nearby and there is also a very pleasant wine store that has a nicely diversified stock. (if your back is to Deborah's, go left across the RR tracks, past Concord Tea Shop or something like that, on the other side of the street from Deborah's)

    Whole Foods sells a brand of loose herbs one can steep for tea. They are organic and the name of them is Celebration Herbals. They don't have combinations of the kind you are looking for, though. However, if one wants single herbs for tea, this is a reasonable solution.

    I believe there is also a bulk herb store in Chelmsford Ctr. I have driven by it but haven't an address/name.

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      Deborah's is the best, IMO. I go there to get herbs, teas, etc. They really know their stuff there; their newsletter always has good info in it concerning healthy lifestyles, good foods to eat, etc.

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        What do you think of their kitchen? I've never liked the foods, there. I just don't find them tasty although the quality of ingredients is high. I cook a lot of vegetarian, salt-free, sugar-free dishes but the Deborha's prepared foods I've tried are bland.

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          I tend to go to Deborah's mainly for teas, herbs, vitamins, etc. Haven't had much in the way of food there. Deborah's is the only place I know that has Feverfew tea for my migraines (and it has done wonders for me).

          For decent prepared foods that are also healthy, I usually go to Whole Foods in either Cambridge or Hingham (the Hingham location has excellent prepared foods, IMO).

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        The wine store is Vintages, look for the grape-purple awning, the coffee shop is Concord Teacakes, where I get my coffee every morning. Wonderful place. If you are visiting Deborah's come say hello, I run the 5 and 10 two doors down.

      3. I second the Deborah's Natural suggestion. I just bought some elderberries there. They have a decent selection. I also think that Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square sells some bulk stuff.

        1. Before leaving town, hit the "wall o spices" at Harvest Coop in Central Square. The only thing I haven't found there in bulk is saffron )(too expensive). Everything else, from teas, to herbs, to oils and honey, are bulk. Haven't shopped for those exact teas, but hey defintely have lavendar and chamomile.

          1. Also try Cambridge Naturals in the Porter Square shopping center (the bookstore next door sells Petsie's baked goods!); I know they sell bulk herbs for tea.

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                Good Health on Hancock Street, south side of the center in Quincy is a true old fashioned health food store. They have organic hebs and spices, though not in bulk. They have some prepared foods--they get the from Healthy Eating which is up the street in right Quincy Center.

                It's a great stop if you're in this area. Very friendly and helpful staff.

                There's another location in Hanover.

            1. There is Good health in Quincy Center, the co-op (central square location), and there is one in Salem in and among all of the touristy stuff.