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May 1, 2007 03:51 AM

Lunch in Mt. Kisco area?

Can anyone recommend a lunch destination in the Mt. Kisco area for foodies, with good service, good food, and a lack of pomposity? More on the line of Sunset Grille in White Plains than Lusardi in Larchmont.

By the way, on another topic, did you all know that Phillip's Diner in Woodbury had been sold? Anyone been to them lately?

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  1. Dolores, I live in Mount Kisco and have been thinking about a great place for a sit down lunch. It is not an easy task. Most of the restaurants are mediocre. However, Lexington Square Cafe has a nice atmosphere and an interesting New American menu, but it is ambitious. Coco Rumbas gets very mixed reviews but would be a fun spot for a group for lunch (Cuban). Woody's on Main is also continental fare, slightly high end with good service and good food. If you get a chance to stop by Ladle of Love (take out only) you will try some of the best soups/stews/salads in Westchester. I also enjoy Temptation Tea House for Asian "tapas" and great bubble tea selection. However, that gets some mixed reviews too.

    Let me know what you choose.

    1. Flying Pig!!!

      Excellent and healthy!

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        That's right, I had forgotten about the Flying Pig. I will suggest that.

        Thanks all.

      2. The original comment has been removed