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May 1, 2007 01:44 AM

(Redmond) Time to find a new Chinese takeout place.

Much to my chagrin, this evening I found out that my usual Chinese take-out place (Super China) is "closed for remodeling" and will reopen as a Herfy's Burgers (these seem to be popping up all over the place lately...) Granted, Super China probably wasn't exactly the pinnacle of Chinese cuisine, but they were relatively decent, and open late. What else is there in Redmond worth trying? I've been grabbing lunch from Sichuanese Cuisine on occasion, but they're a bit out of the way from downtown Redmond, and their latest health inspection reports are somewhat less than inspiring. What else is good for Chinese in Redmond?

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  1. can't rec. any in downtown redmond, but two more in the overlake/redmond area are cafe ori and jeems. jeems is unable to fix their service problems, but take-out should be fine. cafe ori is decent (way better than super china) and gives huge portions.

    1. We *heart* Cafe Ori. Please note it's cash only.

      We recently tried Watercress Asian Bistro, it's in downtown Redmond. It's where the Godfather's Pizza used to be. The food is a little more fresh than most Chinese (broccoli beef doesn't have overcooked broccoli with clumpy sauce), and is slightly Americanized. But all in all, it wasn't bad. I know they have a bar, but am not sure how late they are open.

      1. it's not in downtown redmond, but ming's garden is my favorite chinese in redmond! everything is very fresh and tasty and the service is very nice.

        Ming's Garden
        23515 NE Novelty Hill Rd
        Redmond, WA 98053
        (425) 868-8836