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Apr 30, 2007 11:45 PM

Providence vs. Patina

Ok 'hounders. I need a weigh in! The parents are coming into town from San Francisco for my graduation and we're trying to decide on a place for a nice dinner. I suggested Providence, my dad suggested Patina. From my search on the boards, it seems like Patina has had more negative reviews--I know I shouldn't base decisions solely off of other people's opinions, but with the hefty price tag attached to this meal, I don't want to waste my parents money.

What're your thoughts?


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  1. I'd say Providence - I've been to both several times (and have enjoyed both), but overall my vote is for Providence.

    1. PROVIDENCE..unless anyone has an extreme aversion to seafood. Patina has its hits and misses, and I still like it overall, but if I had to choose between both for a one-time meal, it would be Providence for its food, service, wine, and general ambience.

      1. Goodness, is it even a question? Providence is light years ahead of Patina!

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        1. re: Diana

          Only if you do the tasting menu!

          1. re: carter

            No, ala carte is pretty darn good. My husband says he likes the Chowder, and the a-la carte fish and meat is amazing.

        2. Patina.

          Providence is good, but it has never "wowed" me, tasting menu included.

          1. If your parents love seafood, do Providence.

            If they want menu with other options go Patina.