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Apr 30, 2007 10:12 PM

Hot n' Tot Coffee Shop in Lomita

Since I live in San Pedro, where there are a substantial number of terrific places to go for breakfast (Pacific Diner being my personal fave), I wondered why I felt the need to venture elsewhere. I had dropped my wife off at Long Beach Airport on Sunday morning and was going to make a Costco run in Torrance, so decided to try someplace new en route. Driving along Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, I spotted Hot n’ Tot Coffee Shop & Family Restaurant, which proclaimed that it had been serving home-style food since 1946. There were lots of people waiting for tables, so it seemed like a reasonable gamble. After waiting a half-hour or so for a table, I ordered chicken-fried steak, hash browns, eggs over easy, and biscuits. It’s hard to say which of these was worse. The chicken-fried steak and the gravy were both absolutely tasteless. The starchy hash browns with a thick, tough, near-burned crust made me pine for Denny’s. The biscuits were bready, more like rolls than biscuits. And, of course, the coffee was simply awful. It did remind me of home-style cooking, specifically of the food my Mother prepared. But, though I loved my Mother dearly, she deserved my description of her as “one of the world’s worst cooks.”

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  1. I used to eat there in the late 80's early 90's and liked it very much. But they've gone through a couple ownership changes and It's not worth going there any more. Last time I went was about a year ago when Alfredo's across the street was closed. Quite possibly the worst breakfast I've ever had.

    Still a great name though.