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Apr 30, 2007 09:41 PM

Decent sushi in downtown LA (grand/3rd)?

anyone know of decent sushi in this area for a moderate-cheap price? i knew of some ok one on 7th in the jewelry district but it's a far walk now.

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  1. isn't there one in the Biltmore hotel? I have never eaten there but its worth it to look at.

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    1. re: stacyface

      I'm pretty downtown ignorant, but where's the Biltmore?

      I just had jury duty with LA Superior Court for two weeks at Temple & Spring, and somehow, the gods have aligned against me and I may have more jury duty with federal court (apparently you're only excused if you have state court jury duty when it comes to the feds) merely a week after my previous trial. I suffered through the options at the LA Mall, but if there's good sushi nearby, I'm more than willing to make my dent in the ocean population if I get called back again.

      1. re: Swervo

        THe Biltmore is right across the street from Pershing Square. Its a block away from the jewelry district. I know this is off-topic, but they have an awesome afternoon tea :)

      2. re: stacyface

        Yes. It's called Sai Sai ( ), and it's good, if a bit pricey. They usually have interesting lunch specials. Not the best sushi you've ever tasted, but not bad either.

      3. There's Sushi Gen at 2nd/Central.Two blocks south and five or six blocks east of Temple/Spring.