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Apr 30, 2007 09:12 PM

Need amazing NYC caterer

Hi there. We are having a big party to celebrate 5 years in business (multi-media entertainment company so a downtown crowd). We will have around 200-250 ppl and need a fabulous, cool caterer or catering company. Presentation is as important as food quality. Will need servers, bartenders etc...Any ideas? Please be specific if there were certain things you loved (or disliked). Passed and placed food. Thanks so much...

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  1. cayenne catering
    they have amazing passed apps chili orange beef skewer and the tuna with mango relish where A1 and the buffet looked great.One side was Tabla like indian and the other was fresh seafood.
    Nicely priced as well.

    1. Chef and Co., I think in 18th or 19th Street. Julie is excellent and you will be happy.

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        Have used Chef and Co repeatedly for MANY events ranging from casual business lunch to upscale to even more upscale and HIGHLY recommend them. Will takes GREAT care of us, I believe he is part owner?

      2. I think everything about Marco Moreira and his food are amazing... so I'd contact Tocqueville. They were caterers before they opened the restaurant.

        1. Kevin is a talented chef who recently opened his own catering company...amazing sense of style and he's a sweetheart.

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            I like Kevin's site but all the references are for small parties. Have you seen anything on the scale we're planning? Thanks for the referral and for all of your opinions. I will check out all the suggestions.

            1. re: fat parish

              You should contact Kevin to see... Good luck!

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              i think we are going with them, thank you LFeinberg. can you pls tell me a little abt your experience with them? they look great but would love a little more info if you don't mind. they were also very nice on the phone and extremely accomodating.