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Canton & Patterson Park Recs?

DC Hound headed to the Baltimore Sculpture Race this weekend. Considering the schedule, I think we may stop for food in Canton or Patterson Park, two neighborhoods I don't really know (I've been to the martini bar in Canton which has unimpressive food and found the Patterson pie place once, which was really cool). Any casual, cheap recommendations for us? Thanks!

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  1. Matthew's Pizza on Eastern just east of the park, right across from the Creative Alliance. Very casual, very cheap, absolutely delicious.

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      A bit farther away, but still walkable is the Sip & Bite. It is the yardstick by which I measure all diners everywhere.

      On Lombard (and Ann St, I think) I saw the sign for the grand opening of a Peruvian restaurant of the little corner rowhouse type. I hope for a report soon!

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        Sip and Bite (on Boston St. just about at Aliceanna St.) gets major props from me as one of the seemingly few remaining breakfast places that serve real ham, rather than ham from rectangular pigs.

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        I hate to hate, but I just don't get Matthew's pizza. I tried it, and I don't see what all the fuss is about. Tutti Gusti (at Fait and S. Ellwood) is my Canton pizza choice.

      3. If your in Canton Square, then you must stop by at Momma's on the Half Shell. Best seafood in Baltimore--hands down! It's relatively inexpensive and it's very laid back and casual. There's a bar downstairs, but, depending upon the size of your group, you may want to eat upstairs. Get the crabcake and crab soup.

        1. Birches is pretty casual, has some really good, inexpensive food. I'd recommend that and Matthew's. If you want a blast from the past is Eastern House on Eastern Avenue.

          1. I'd try Jack's Bistro right off the Canton Square on Elliott - yummy food, very engaged chef. close to the park. Or Life of Rielly on Fairmount a few blocks above the park is a nice Irish pub with really nice owners, sadly the Parkside closed (and was never that great to begin with)

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              What I'm finding interesting in these posts is what is considered "cheap!" I wouldn't call Jack's Bistro, Mama's on the Half Shell, or Birches particularly 'cheap,' more 'mid-range!' But, then again, I am the queen of low cost, ethnic holes in the wall.

              For me, cheap is main prices under $10. Very possible in Baltimore!

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                I agree. Thanks Baltoellen for mentioning this.

                Yes those may be places with good food but, for me, price determines whether or not I will go somewhere. I think too many times people want to suggest a restaurant just because of the geographic location, but dont think about the other factors someone is looking for.

                I just read about a place in Fells Point, which is just a little further away (Eastern & Broadway) called Teavolve. It is a tea house with sandwhiches that looks like it has interesting paninis & salads. http://teavolve.com/index.html

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                  Teavolve is very good and I highly recommend it. Depending upon the number in your group, you may want to call ahead and get reservations, or let them know how many people are coming. It's fairly small and intimate. Paninis are made on premise, the tea is great and very extensive, and the desserts come from the area's best shops.

            2. What about Di Pasquales (italian market) on Gough Street?


              I enjoy picking up a sandwich from them and eating it in the park, but they do serve hot dishes and have a small dining area.

              1. If you have a car, Greektown is pretty close to Pat Park (couple miles). I'd recommend Samos if you can get there.
                north fells has a bunch of random authentic mexican/central/south american places. the el Salvadoran on Broadway (can't remember the name) restaurant is particualry good.

                as for within pat park/canton, i think everyone else did a good job in naming the good restaurants: Matthews pizza, momma on a halfshell, birches (haven't been to jack's).

                btw... the martini bar (Cosmo's) has a good thursday night special, but otherwise, i never go there.
                other stuff i've been to in canton: Nacho Mamma's is good beer food. i've been to helen's garden and that was ok, but unspectacular.

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                  Thanks everyone! We are excited about our visit. I will report back.
                  Two things...so, Dangerously Delicious Pies moved to Federal Hill...is there another good bakery that we could stop at nearby in the morning? I promised a friend to get him some pie and need to make good on that :)

                  As far as casual, low key bars, (non-scenester places with cheap drinks) any recommendations? Life of Reilly looks like a neat neighborhood-y place so we might go there.

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                    I don't think DDPies has much competition! But Bonaparte Bakery in Fells point, on the water is a french bakery w/ croissants, cakes, and tortes etc...there's also Patissere Poupoin on Baltimore street near the shot tower - several blocks away from Pat Park/Canton but they have the most amazing little pastries and pies. There's also a great Italian place on Central, between Bank and Gough street i think and the old lady there makes GREAT pies, my fav is the meatball pie YUM, pretty sure its called 'Peidegrotto'.

                    As for low key bars, Life of Reilly is a good spot, I'm a big fan of Friends in FellsPoint, they have a decent menu that serves beyond bar fries and burgers for reasonable $, they have a sensational jukebox, a pool table and a good selection of brew. It's more a hipster place than a scenster place, so you can wear your prom dress or your gardening clothes and no one will think twice. It's big w/ the hospitality crowd, which means it tends to be dead during the day and get very busy much later in the evening.

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                      Ironically, Dangerously Delicious Pies is now near the start and finish of the Kinetic Sculpture Race, but I imagine driving between Canton and Federal Hill may be a bit of a mess because of the race. Which reminds me, I'd better do my grocery shopping early tomorrow before my routes get cut off.