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Apr 30, 2007 08:30 PM

What's Chow-ish in Palm Springs?

I am a Los Angeles 'Hound headed for Palm Springs at the end of the week. We enjoy great food of any kind; we will be dressed casually for our other activities, so we don't want anything too formal.

I am looking for restaurants AND specialty markets and other chow-ish places that carry unusual or high-end food items for gifts.


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  1. i'm in l.a. too. was in palm springs about a month ago. here is where we dined.
    copley's: (cary grant's old estate) delicious comfort food with a great patio and fire pit.
    johannes: austrian cosmopolitan fare. very highly reccomended.
    sullivan's steakhouse: noisy, crowded but charming steak house. jazz trio playing in bar. great service.
    norma's @ parker palm springs: over priced, trendy.
    zin: great american food, awesome wine list.

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    1. re: woofer

      My boyfriend and I actually very much liked Norma's. They had a macaroni and cheese with lobster that we still talk about... and their breakfast is great. It's the same Norma's as in NYC.

      We also celebrated a great birthday dinner at the Chop House, the service was excellent.

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        My boyfriend and I went to chop house since it was advertised as "the best steak house in the desert cities." I guess those things don't really mean anything. Everything there was somehow doused in balsamic vinigrette with grease and the quality of the scallops and steaks we had were only so so. For those prices, I would've really rather cooked something at home myself. On the flip side, the service IS good. They gave us a free dessert (decent creme brulee) after asking what we thought of the food and since we mentioned the unsatisfactory things in our dishes.

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          Second the mac/cheese/lobster richness there although a month or so back felt there wasn't as many pieces of lobster!

      2. If you do a search, you'll get a lot of info. Keep your expectations down & hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

        1. Really pretty slim pickings out there. For pricey, and occasionally uneven, but often very good food you can try mister parkers at the parker palm springs. They do some french bistro things very well (standout steak tartar and a french onion soup that merits a mention--and french onion almost never merits a mention). The attitude there can be annoying at times as well, but its generally a fun room. Zin is a great place. I have been there 4-5 times when out in Palm Springs and it has always been great food, great wine, and a goat cheese cheesecake that you have to have. There is also a pizzeria called matchbox (its almost directly across the street from zin) and it has better pizza than almost anywhere i have been in LA.

          1. Thanks to all of you who are posting. I am reading you with great interest and appreciation!

            1. I am from Palm Springs and like someone before said, its pretty slim pickings. If your looking for casual places to eat that are not part of chains and kinda chow-ish here are my recomendations:
              -Sherman's Deli on Taquitz, So good!! Classic deli style sandwiches with large portions and yummmy desserts!
              - Las Casuelas, Great Mexican food in the middle of downtown life
              - Kaiser Grill, Terrific food at affordable prices
              - Las Casitas, another great mexican resturant, they offer a lot of different combinations to share, its one of my top favorites!!
              Hope this helps Enjoy!!!!

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              1. re: Mango87

                Anybody interested in Mexican cuisine should skip Palm Springs and hit Desert Hot Springs... there are a number of very good, casual places that specialize in just a few things like Birrierias etc., In fact, I think Desert Hot Springs was the last place I can remember having Caldo Miche... and it was very, very good.

                1. re: Mango87

                  Pretty slim pickings??? Yeah if your favorite places include Las Casuelas and Kaiser Grille, notorious tourist traps!