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Apr 30, 2007 08:24 PM

"Passport Unlimited" Card

Heard some people talking about this card for the Seattle area this weekend. I've never had a 'discount card' before. Some of the restaurants on the site are good- others look like they could use help getting people in the door.

Have any hounds purchased this card? How has the experience been using it?

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  1. We've had the card for years and love having it. It does get us in the door to some of the lesser known restaurants, and we go back to our regular haunts and save a lot of money. Restaurants circle on and off quarterly, but there are a good handful that have been there for years.

    Microsoft offers the benefits of the Passport card to their employees as the Prime card. Although Prime offers things beyond Passport.

    Another thing I like about the Passport is that it's discreet. If you're taking a client out, you just sign an extra piece of paper with your credit card receipt. No coupons or fussing. Just make sure to tip on the pre-discounted amount.

    1. We've had it for about a year and really like it. We also have the Entertainment Book and I like Passport more. It's more discrete and has better restaurants. We're definitely going to renew.

      1. Great Question!! Buy it, buy them all!! But don't eat at them all ....LOL!!
        Not all restaurants are worth the price, even after the discount, nor are worth eating at. I mean many over priced places are on both list. It might be better to go for happy hour or somewhere else to really get a value. OR wait for Seattle's famous, Restarunt Week! We use both cards almost every week. As dose everyone I know. Enjoy!

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   Or if you have friends in the real estate/mortgage industry, they often purchase them in bulk at a bulk rate.

            You can also preview the restaurant list on the website.

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              Verity credit union offers a Passport Visa card that gets the 1/2 price deal at the passport restaurants.

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                Thanks for info. will check it out.