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Apr 30, 2007 08:02 PM

Can I eat at the bar at Babbo?

I am going to be in NYC June 1-3, and getting ready to call first thing in the morning to get a reservation for Friday June 1. I would need a table for 3, and I wonder what I will do if I am not successful in getting a reservation. The other nites of our trip are tied up, though I may call and move things around if needed so maybe I will call on the 2nd also and hope someone takes pity on me. I have noticed that some posts suggest coming in early and getting a seat at the bar - are there several small tables in the bar area where all 3 of us could sit and order the full menu, or would we be trying to grab 3 seats in a row at a long bar (which would make it hard for conversation). Also if I decide to wait on the street before the restaurant opens, is there usually a line of folks trying to do the same thing? How long before opening time should I plan to get there? Will they have a few walk in tables available on the weeked?

Finally, if I cannot get into Babbo I would love to go to another Italian restaurant, and am leaning towards Lupa as Del Posto seems a little stuffy and though LImperio seems to have many fans on the board, I own so many Mario Batali cookbooks I feel I should try one of his restaurants. Any thoughts?

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  1. We arrived about 5 minutes before opening when we were in NYC (late April). There was one other couple waiting there also. We got a table in the bar area, no problem. Thoroughly enjoyed our meal there. Goose liver raviolis were sublime!

    1. Three is always tough. I'm not sure three can fit at the bar area tables, and grabbing three stools might be tricky to impossible, depending on when you arrive. There is rarely much of a line, though, so if you get there before opening you might be ok.

      You might consider the enoteca at Del Posto ... that's what they call the bar area there, and it's much more ample and will more comfortably accommodate a party of three. They take same-day reservations only, and you must call promptly at 10am. They have a good-value tasting menu.

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        Thanks. I have already called several times and cant get through ...