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Apr 30, 2007 07:50 PM

Hanover Square-pizza and a calzone

Went to Underground Pizza off of Hanover Square for the DiFara's equivalent of the spinach calzone followed by a superior grandma sausage and pepperoni square pie at Adrienne's Pizza Bar around the corner on Stone Street. Great stuff.

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  1. i love the pepperoni/sausage grandma pie at adriennes but i find their service to be pretty bad, especially the bartender. i've eaten some meals at the bar during lunch and i've found he'd much rather play with his cellphone or chat with any girl who walks in rather than take someone's order.

    as for underground, i've given it so many tries but i find their pizza soggy and too greasy (and i always come out of there smelling like a pizza oven). surprisingly, my favorite slice in the area is mystic, down the street from Century 21. had a fantastic fresh slice there last week.

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      Forget Underground's pizza which is average and try the spinach calzone which is life altering!