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Apr 30, 2007 07:08 PM

Nostalgic for French yogurt; seeking recs

I recently returned from a vacation in Paris, and I miss the aisles and aisles of delicious flavored yogurts as much as anything else. There were such fantastic flavor combos that I couldn't wait to eat some the U.S. I have to remind myself to eat it, like a vitamin. Flavored yogurt aficianados, what are your favorite brands, preferably gelatin-free? I have tried the La Speza, and it's delicious, but I'm bored of it. I don't care about fat content. I'm in Los Angeles, so if anyone knows of anything available locally, please tell!

And I know I could just flavor some good-quality Greek yogurt myself, but that's just not something I'd do on a weekday.

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  1. Speaking of Greek yogurt, TJ's carries single serving Greek-style yogurts in several flavors, including fig, and they also have an Italian yogurt that comes in little jars in a couple of unusual flavors. I've seen a Swiss brand called Emmi in upscale groceries that is more like French yogurt.

    But honestly, I flavor my own Greek yogurt. I use a good quality jam or marmalade and it takes two seconds to spoon a tablespoon into my plain yogurt. I keep several different flavors in the fridge at work (right now I have grapefruit, raspberry and tangerine) and honey, and I do it every day.

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      I noticed at Trader Joe's today they have new line of yogurt "Coffeehouse" "European Style" lowfat yogurt. I bought the chocolate flavor and it's quite good: smooth and tangy, definitely not too sweet. There are no thickeners on the ingredient list, and it's sweetened with good old sugar. Actually, the ingredient list is pretty short: milk, cream, notfat milk, sugar, cocoa powder and four different cultures. There were a couple of flavors besides chocolate, but I don't remember what they were. Oops, just got to the bottom of mine and realized it needed to be stirred thoroughly, as there's a big band of chocolate at the bottom -- consider yourself warned!

    2. It's not quite French yogurt, but it's more like french yogurt than dannon is. Try YoBaby - especially the pear flavor. It's sweeter than I remember french yogurt being, but very tasty and it has a nice creamy mouthfeel.

      1. have you tried Emme swiss yogurt?

        i love the grapefruit flavor.

        1. I've become a devotee of Fage Greek yogurt, even though it is much more dense than the yogurt I had in Paris. I buy the plain stuff and add fruit to mine; this week it's rhubarb, an addition I first tried during a trip to Paris and became addicted to. Pears are also delicious, when they're in season. Most often, though, I have to buy unsweetened frozen fruit, such as wild blueberries, to add to my morning yogurt.

          1. Thanks for the recs. I didn't know Fage made flavored yogurts. I will give them a try! I've also never seen the Emme Swiss yogurt, but I'll hit some of the "upscale" grocery stores to see if I can find it. Ruth, the Italian yogurt at TJ's is excellent (try the Ginger & Cinnamon flavor), but I need some new options. I think I'll end up trying your jam suggestion.

            I'll keep an eye out for the YoBaby. One of my issues with most mass-market yogurts is that they add gelatin, which I avoid. The new Dannon Naturals has no gelatin, but it's unbearably sweet. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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              Yo Baby is made by Stonyfield Farms, and it's all organic. No gelatin, but I checked the ingredients and it does have pectin. Still I think Greek yogurt is fantastic but a different beast from French yogurt, and this is a bit more like French yogurt. It may be too sweet for your tastes, though they did recently reduce the amount of sugar.