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Apr 30, 2007 07:03 PM

Buenos Aires - Gran Bar Danzon

I was a little skeptical at first, given the many tour book mentions, the hipper-than-thou crowd, and the flashing strobe light. I shoudn´t have been. The food was wonderful, and the wines were excellent.
Especially good - the octopus and sole ceviche with avocado sorbet, with melon and celery sauce - paired beautifully with the semillon by the glass (Finca La Anita, 2004), and the pork with fava bean puree. My rib-eye had a sauce that ordinarily would have been too redolent of sweet spices for me, but it was fantastic with the oak in my bonarda (Fond de Cave, 2004 Riserva). App, entree, 3 glasses of wine per person, and a norteamericano tip came out to about $35 (American) pp.

Would love other recs - on the list right now are Restaurant Dora, Jangada, Bar Uriarte, Casa Cruz, and El Yugo. Would also appreciate recs for Iguazu and Salta. And if anyone can tell me whether or not the empanadas in Adrogue are really superior enough to warrant a special trip.

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  1. El Danzon has great food.......Other places I would suggest are La Cabrera (steak, casual, but unique at the same time), Cluny, Thymus, La Corte, Dominga, Social Paraiso (small and unpretentious but one of the best restaurants in town).
    Bar Uriarte is owned by the same people than El Danzon, but it might be worth a visit. Sucre is also owned by the same people but it's a bit erratic, if you are lucky you might have a great food experience.......but maybe not.
    Empanadas are not necessarily better in Adrogue. Each region in Argentina has their own way to prepare them and everybody thinks they prepare them the best way. Save yourself the trip. Empanadas in Salta are really good.

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      Thank you!
      A few questions - what makes La Cabrera stand out among the parillas? I've read that it's significantly more expensive than other parillas - do you think the cost is justified?
      Also, while Cluny and Thymus do show up in the guidebooks, I'm not at all familiar with La Corte, Dominga or Social Paraiso - could you tell me a bit more about them?

      1. re: daveena

        La Corte's been closed for nearly a year and a half. It was interesting but outrageously pricey food for Buenos Aires at the time. Thymus is hit and miss - it's impressive visually, but the quality of the food varies radically from dish to dish and night to night. La Cabrera is very good steak, it is indeed significantly more expensive than most other parrillas in town - personally, I'd rather go to El Trapiche or Don Julio. Danzon - good wine selection, expensive, food average at best.

        1. re: Casa SaltShaker

          Mmm, I'll put El Trapiche and Don Julio on the list for my next trip. BTW, I have your blog bookmarked. Can't even tell you how many times I've referenced it. : )

          I have to say I'm surprised by the number of negative reviews - my experiences are usually pretty in line with those of other posters - I'm wondering if we had a good experience because we were there super-early (8 pm - it was just us and a family with a 6 year old child), on a Thursday? It certainly wasn't because of our Spanish skills. In any case, after a week of eating in BsAs, the ceviche and the pork are still two standouts in my memory.

    2. I ate at Danzon last month and was not really impressed.

      It was okay, but not great. The wine selection was very good, however.

      1. I had a very different experience at Gran Bar Danzon. It is a shame that a bar with such great reviews in years past has become such a terrible place. The service is beyond reprehensible. The prices now match the service - terrible. A glass of house wine was 25 pesos!!!! I have been here several times in the past and suddenly the waitstaff and the prices have changed drastically for the worse. I have been in Buenos Aires for 6 months and have to say I have not been treated worse than in this bar (mind you, my friends and I all speak in Spanish.) This is definitely a bar to avoid.