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Apr 30, 2007 06:48 PM

Another new cupcake shop to open up

Just noticed over the weekend, when I was in The Plateau on Mont-Royal avenue(& St-Hubert), that there will be a new cupcake shop opening up soon. It will be called Petits Gateaux(boutique de cupcakes).

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Folks, if you have information or opinions to share on where to find great cupcakes (or other sweet treats!) in Quebec, please feel free to post that information here. However, general commentary on how you feel about cupcakes or the "cupcake fad" are off topic for our site. We're not a clearinghouse for venting your feelings about chow or chow trends. We're just here to make sure everyone eats something delicious today.

          If you have comments on how our site is organized, please post them on the Site Talk board, so we can keep this board focused just on sharing local chow tips.

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          1. so.. cocoa locale has taken the cupcake to a level I haven't yet experienced. THANK YOU for an answer to my simple question.

            I do agree that we on the Montreal board can have friendly discussions, but what can you do?

            1. re: C70

              "so.. cocoa locale has taken the cupcake to a level I haven't yet experienced."

              I think that's a pretty accurate assessment. Am not usually a fan of cakes and cupcakes but Reema has made a believer out of me.

              1. re: carswell

                I want to chime in and second/third/fourth everyone's opinion on Cocoa Locale. I don't like cupcakes. But then came Cocoa Locale - it now gets me up early on the weekends to snag the lemon & choco chai ones before they all go. I wish the people who rave about Magnolia's in New York, which I hated, can try CL.

                CL's cakes are magnificent too (I'm also not a fan of flour based cakes). And so is Reema.

                1. re: carswell

                  After I hit up Gamba, I made my way down to Cocoa Locale and finally snagged a few of their cupcakes. The chocolate chai were worth every hobbling step!

                  I personally found the lemon coconut too sweet, and felt a bit sick after eating one, but oh my those chocolate chai ones... amazing!

              2. Previous to Cocoa Locale, had anyone else in Montreal tried to open a cupcake shop?

                1. re: BLM

                  Not sure whether Fuschia predates Cocoa Locale, though it's more than a cake shop. But it was only after Cocoa Locale opened that cupcakes were on everybody's lips.


                  1. re: carswell

                    Maybe it was Reema's cupcakes at Fuschia. Before Reema opened Cocoa Locale, she use to supply bakery products to Fuschia(maybe she still does).

                    1. re: BLM

                      Good point. Don't think she's supplying Fuschia anymore. She does make some of the desserts, including a killer Afghan pudding, on offer at Rumi, however.

              3. Has anyone tried the cupcakes from Le Fournil (364 Victoria in Westmount)? Saw them for the 1st time on Saturday & although they looked great, I thought $2.75 per was a bit steep to pay. Hoping someone can comment on whether I should've paid the piper!

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                1. re: RhondaB

                  Tried them several weeks ago, when I was on my hot cross-buns search. I found them mediocre. I have always found Le Fournil products to be sub-par & way too expensive.

                    1. re: BLM

                      Yes, Le Fournil is on the pricey side. I've only ever had their pumpkin pie (available only in the Fall and around Thanksgiving) and corn bread. The pumpkin pie had a lovely crust, but alas, the pie filling wasn't nearly sweet enough. The corn bread is good, with jalpeno peppers and corn kernels for zip and texture.