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Apr 30, 2007 06:23 PM

I'm booked - what do I order?

My first trip to N.O. and I'm literally going for broke. Any opinions on not-to-be-missed items at...




There's already a good recent thread about Brigsten's.

We're also going to try to get into Irene's and possibly August.

We'll be there a whole week, so any other suggestions at all will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Had a shrimp appetizer at Stella! last week that is a must-have. Can't remember the exact name, but it had "Iron Chef" in it. Was told it was made with Korean pepper flakes in it. Not too spicy, but wonderful.

    1. At Arnaud's I'd pick the Oysters Arnaud, Souffle Potatoes, and Veal Wohl- the Cafe Brulot is a great presentation and I enjoy it (spiced coffee flamed tableside) when I'm too full for bananas foster

      Personally I would skip Irene's and August in favor of's a great spot for lunch or dinner - and very reasonably priced (this board has a ton of August and Irene supporters- I mean no offense but they just aren't doing it for me lately)

      Brigtsen's seafood platter has a couple of fantastic items you won't find elsewhere- like Oysters LeRuth (google warren leRuth sometime) and anything Frank does with gulf fish is top notch- I always order the Drum or Sheepshead

      I haven't been to Peristyle or Stella recently- but I'm sure you'll get a lot of suggestions here

      Do try to take the Canal Street car to Angelo Brocato's (and visit NOMA at the end of the line) they are putting out some seasonal ices & gelatos that are mind blowing right now (Blood Orange, Apricot, Chestnut, and Panna Cotta last week)

      Finally- from the reservations you already have I think you would like Pascal's Manale- the BBQ shrimp are a real treat- and if they heads bother you they also have them headless on a drum filet- one of the best in the city

      happy eating and have a great time ( and bring your sunblock and mini's HOT already!!)

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      1. re: chef4hire

        Thanks, ddavis and chef4hire.

        Angelo Brocato's sounds like a must (I'm never to full for gelato and ices) and I'll look into Cochon (love pork) and Pascal's.

        1. re: Paul N

          I agree with chef4hire that Cochon is great. Don't know that I'd trade August for it. Had a fabulous meal at August last September, but Cochon is not in the same category. Cochon is very casual, a little loud, but the food is excellent. If you're interested, I did a post here about our dinner at Cochon a couple of weeks ago.

      2. Sounds like a good itinerary. Since you'll be venturing to Brocato's, try to sneak in a poor boy at Parkway. it's several blocks east of the streetcar line and a few blocks south ifthe spur goes toward the racetrack. not a bad walk at all and excellent poorboys, plus Hubig's pies!

        I'd also pencil in Central Grocery for a muffaletta too.

        Thank you,


        1. You are getting some great suggestions on this thread...Parkway Bakery will be a lot of fun after the fest...they may stop selling food as early as 8pm, but that may be extended for the fest.

          Peristyle's is a great choice...if the veal cheeks are on the menu go for them...they also do pork well. They have a great bar to grab a drink at first.

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          1. re: bbares81

            Thanks so much everyone. Cochon is going to happen and I'm marking Parkway Bakery on my map - though everybody tells me I won't be able to eat another bite after the fest (I'll be happy to prove them wrong.)

            This afternoon's been just beautiful here. Anyone know a good outdoor watering hole? (patio, porch whatever) It doesn't have to be anything too fancy, although at some point I'd like to try a gin fizz or a mint julip.

            thanks again.

            Tonight, Brigstens!

            1. re: Paul N

              Napoleon House has a nice courtyard, as does Pat O's, for that matter (I like the mint julep there). If you're out and about, the Bulldog on Magazine has a very nice new patio and an excellent beer selection. Then there's always the porch at the Columns on St. Charles, very lovely.

              1. re: JGrey

                Thanks JGrey. We're now planning on making it to Pat O's.

                Brigtsen's was exceptional and reasonable. A meal like that with wine and desert would have cost me twice as much in Manhattan. The rabbit appetizer was excellent. The shrimp ap - good. The menu offered the duck with the cherry sauce... but we decided to go for the gulf fish and the seafood platter instead. Both were superb. The seafood platter was just indescribable. Stawberry shortcake for dessert - no complaints.

                We had lunch at Bayona today, where the real standout was the smoked duck cashew peanutbutter and pepper jelly sandwhich. 10 bucks, and I'll remember it forever. The cod was very nice too. Afterwards we sat out on the patio and I sipped my first Sazerac - lovely.

                Today I may fall into the dangerous habit of eating 4 meals a day - the biegnet I had for breakfast at Cafe du Monde, Bayona, the red beans and rice snack I just ate at Mothers and then dinner late tonight. Excess! This threads become my confessinal. Thanks again for the help.

                1. re: Paul N

                  You are absolved. :) Go forth and stuff yourself. Glad you're enjoying everything, I do love that seafood platter.

          2. Stella: either "duck five ways" or the "surf and turf" both are excellent. the other night for an app he was making a BLT with goose liver patte' and a foie gras, it was delicious. the oysters/caviar app is also good. my two favorite desserts are the peanut butter parfait and the grilled cheese sandwich with the runner up going to the avocado shake.