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Apr 30, 2007 05:47 PM

Hot Dog Annies

I am forever in love with Hot Dog Annies in Liecester, MA. When I wasa kid they were six for a buck and you know I ate twelve. This tiny little diner in the woods behind the Worcester Airport used to be 6 for a buck. The price has changed but the summer conga line of Hot Dog lovers remains the same as it winds in one side and out the other of this little shack of magic weiners. (Kayem skinnies on a cheap roll, the works or HDA's BBQ sauce (sweet with big onion chunks). Does anyone else have a fondness for these Dogs or am I missing other classics. Coney Island has that great neon and Casey's in Natick is a roadside wonder. What do we know about New York Process in Providence?

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  1. You'll probably get more discussion on the New England board. I've heard of the Leicester place but never been. I've decided the dogs have to be grilled for me to get excited about them. More excited if the bun is buttered and grilled also. Still have never been to Casey's or Coney Island.

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      Been to both Casey's and George's Coney Island -- both do excellent, dirt cheap hot dogs. The latter's dogs are especially nice ordered with chili, mustard, and onions, while the former does all these options plus has celery salt at the counter. Casey's is tiny, so take out may make more sense there, though it's easy to get into a friendly chat with the locals or the counter folks if you can get a stool. Would heartily recommend both places.

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      1. I have always meant to stop at Super Duper. Grilled?

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          Super Duper Weenie (I assume you mean, in Bridgeport) is a great dog and grilled very nicely. Again, the NE board will get more responses.

      2. My first date was at Hot Dog Annie's! I, too, will forever have a fondness for this place and their BBQ & onion dogs. And later, when I was a WPI student, I brought fellow choir members there there for a hot dog eating contest which continued for several years as a tradition!

        1. Now I'm really feeling old. When I was a kid they were eight for a buck. Mom, dad, bro and I ate a meal for a $1.20 with soda. Those were the days!

          1. Last time I was there I was 3 months pregnant, had a craving and ate 4 in the parking lot. Never again. I still prefer Coney Island. I took my kid there for her 14th b day and she loved it..I had many a date there....cannot recall prices tho.