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The Chameleon Cafe, SF

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A few months ago, someone mentioned Chameleon Cafe for free wi-fi and snacks. Thank you, whoever you are, this is a sweet, sunny spot with a few tables outside. There are plenty of electrical outlets and jazz hums softly in the background.

With my internet access out, I headed uphill to get caught up on three days of email. Lunch was the tuna salad, $5.25. Good quality albacore with the faintest moistening of mayo and some capers scooped onto beautiful salad greens (lots of tender arugula!) and garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers, and a fresh slice of thick toast.

My afternoon coffee break was a thick slice of fresh lemon tea bread and an Almond Joy. The almond joy is a tall chocolate, espresso, steamed milk, and toasted sliced almonds.

Link: http://www.chameleoncafesf.com/menu.php

Image: http://www.chameleoncafesf.com/images...

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