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Apr 30, 2007 05:08 PM


Bought 3 lbs of mussels but can't eat them tonight! How can I save them for tomorrow night? What is the best way to store mussels?

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  1. I am away from my copy of "Joy of Cooking" , but the "recipe is in there. Just mix some non iodized salt with cold water (the proportion is in "joy') - and add the mussels and a handfull of cornmeal. I try to always treat my clams and mussels this way be4 cooking - it cleans them out and the difference is noticeable. Keep the mixture cool - they will easily stay till tomorrow nite. Sorry to only give u 1/2 an answer but some1 will have the proportion. ()the same as seawater , obviously)

    1. Best Way: put them in a plastic collender (dry) or a mesh bag and put the collender (or bag) inside a larger plastic container (I use a plastic wash basin) where the collender is suspended. Cover with a damp towel and place in the coldest part of your fridge. If I am in and out of the fridge, I will put ice in the larger plastic container or a large ice chest.

      I don't always use the best way. Keys: keep them out of fresh (sweet) water, keep a damp cloth or damp newspapers over them (think high humidity), keep them close to 35 degrees.

      Caution using anything metal, it may rust.

      1. Keep them in water to purge if you're using next day. If you need to keep longer than that keep in original netted bag put ice on top in the refridgerator

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          When you get ready to cook them, be sure each one is tightly closed, or will close if you tap it on the counter. I almost always find a few that won't close.

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            The correlary to this is that if they don't open when you cook them, toss those out too.

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