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Apr 30, 2007 04:55 PM

Best Sizzlers in LA

I know Sizzlers isn't the best. But I'm looking for the best one with the best salad bar!

The one in pasadena is subpar at best.

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  1. I'd like to know this too.

    I used to prefer the one down on Rosemead (SG?) but they've been in process of changing owners, and the last few times all the hot food was cold, and they are running out of stuff (I was told because of the business deal hangup they are not ordering everything). They put it out regardless of how fast it is going to go, so unless they are busy and you catch it when they bring it, forget it.

    I tried Eagle Rock last year, it didn't seem too great either. And I totally agree that the Pasadena one is below average.

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    1. re: MaryT

      The one on Rosemead is really bad. Just walking in there gives me the creeps.

      And I don't know about the food about the Pasadena location, but I would fear for my wallet and precious goods eating there ...

      I think in the SGV the best Sizzler has to be the one in Alhambra in the same shopping center with Costco and Souplantation.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Pasadena is really creepy...the Sizzler that is ;)

        1. re: Spiff

          Hey, bear with me, my husband has great salad bar at his work, so this isn't my expertise. But I went back to that Eagle Rock Sizzler tonight, and it did seem better than before, and definitely better than the Rosemead and Arroyo ones.

          Except for the huge container of carnitas, most all the other hot food was "staged" in smaller increments (so you could get things like rings and wings hot), the help was attentive, and it was pretty clean and fresh overall at the salad bar. And I like their simplistic tomato basil soup albeit a bit salty-sweet, it is nice.

          For those of us occasionally looking for that sort of thing. I like Souplantion, but the ones near me (Lake and Arcadia) get pretty darned busy, and no wine or beer :-(

          1. re: Spiff

            I like the Sizzler on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, and it's just fine to me. :)

            1. re: katkoupai

              It's really sad how Sizzler has gone downhill in recent years.

              I still remember those cheese toasts that got me through many afternoons after practice in high school. Gawwd, I used to eat so many of those things. Now, I sort of find them utterly disgusting ...

              1. re: ipsedixit

                You know, I used to really love the cheese toast, too. I don't find them disgusting, but I don't mind if I don't get them, if you know what I mean. I do like the baked potatos at Sizzler, though.

      2. Sorry, but I don't think Sizzlers elicits any good vibes. I've tried the one near me in Northridge, the Ontario Airport and the one in Blythe (on the way to Phoenix). Better off at Soup Plantation if it's salad you're after. If it's a burger or a cheap steak with the salad.. well, how about the Claim Jumpers in Duarte (or ?) -just off the freeway.

        1. If you are the only one to be eating the food, then try the Whole Foods Market's salad bar, or maybe the one at Bristol Farms in So. Pasadena, or the Gelson's in Paseo Colorado. Not a restaurant as such, yet the quality is better, and more consistent.

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          1. re: carter

            Trying other places is not the point here you guys. We all know that Sizzlers is subpar to many places. That being said, we are still trying to find a good one.

            The sizzler in hollywood on highland wasn't that bad actually.

            And I remember the one on Vermont and 3rd Street to be good. Am I wrong?

            1. re: djblisk

              There's a Sizzler I always pass by on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock. It's near Spitz restaurant. I think that one is worth checking out. I have wanted to check it out myself.

              2516 Colorado Blvd
              Eagle Rock, CA 90041
              (323) 256-0255

              It looks like Mary T, above, has checked it out.

              1. re: djblisk

                I felt my comments were offered to help you stay in the Pasadena area.
                Is finding a good one 25 miles away of any use? Would you actually drive a great distance to go to one?
                I don't frequent them and in fact never did, even back when they were supposedly better, so I cannot help you.

                1. re: djblisk

                  Last time I went to The Siz was the one on Vermont and 4th. It's alright, though it was very crowded at the time. It's much more chill during the weekday. I used to make a long walk from my former workplace and just order the Salad Bar.

                  The best one I've seen is the one on Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater Village.

              2. the sizzler on wilshire and 20th (i think) in santa monica is not too bad. kinda like the lesser of the 2 evils. lol.

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                1. re: wilafur

                  Agreed -- i.e., "not too bad", though I think it's at Wilshire and 21st (but who's counting?)

                  1. re: ozhead

                    wow, i was that close?? *pats self on back* lol!!

                    1. re: wilafur

                      sizzler has been garbage for almost half a decade now. Anybody remember sizzler BEFORE their bankruptcy?

                      The one in Harbor/Edinger is worthless, as is the one on Warner/Bushard. The one by USC seems busy all the time, but hey cheap food for college kids. The one in big bear was "acceptable", but only because it was in big bear...

                      1. re: ns1

                        Really? Is it that bad? I think Sizzler's okay, actually, but I haven't been to the ones you mention above.

                        1. re: ns1

                          but ya know...sometimes you just get a craving for ghetto high school cafeteria style food. =)

                  2. Not in LA, but the best one I've been to was last year in Buena Park off of Beach Blvd