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Apr 30, 2007 04:51 PM

My bread sticks to the loaf pans - help!

I've just finished making my second batch of bread ever. This was a few loaves of whole-wheat, which are delicious. Yum!

Before I shaped it and put it into my Pyrex glass pans, I oiled the pans WELL with olive oil... also the bread dough was well-greased with the oil; so much so that it nearly slipped out of my hands as I was trying to put it in the loaf pans. I thought that with that much oil it wouldn't stick at all... but man, I had to pry those loaves out with a knife! Took a while and made a mess of my beautiful bread. Any ideas? Do I need to get non-stick dark pans instead?

Same thing happened with my last batch of (white) bread.


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  1. Line your pans with parchment after you grease 'em up.

    1. I don't use loaf pans when I bake bread, but I do use Release aluminum foil to line the 'jelly roll' pan. The bread never sticks. I've used the same piece of foil at least 6 times with the same good results. Try lining the loaf pans with foil. I bake bread once a week freezing some of it.

      1. Try another fat, not olive oil....solid shortening might do the trick. I'm a fan of unglazed stoneware loaf pans; they create great crust and release easily.

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          Agree on the shortening, perhaps the only reason to have it in the kitchen, I do season my cast iron grill grate with it too.

        2. Try lining the pan with corn meal after you grease it.

          1. I have used a cheap aluminum loaf pan forever, no grease or anything, and my bread pops out just fine. If you have to use your glass pans, there are the lining tricks others have mentioned, or you could also try sprinkling the oil greased area with some cornmeal. This of course leaves the cornmeal sticking to the loaf (like english muffins), but it should work.